Purchase Affordable Wired Earphone With Quality Sound

If you are looking for quality earphones, decide which type you need. Will you go for a wired or wireless one? What are your considerations as to why you want to have a wired or a wireless one? Are you sure of your choice of earphones?

Recently, earphones and headphones have been important accessories for gamers, music lovers, and professionals alike. With the emergence of smartphones, along with their accessories are wired earphones. Headphones have developed from simple wired earbuds to sophisticated wireless ones. Are wired earbuds better than wireless ones or are they the same?

As a shopper, you have to determine whether you need a wired or wireless earphone before purchasing.

Wired headphones

Wired headphones are traditional headphones and are well-known to many audio and music lovers. The accessory is designed to connect to a device using the cable, transmitting the audio signals from the device to the earphones. The cable contained two channels, one right and one left earbud, which carry analog signals that are recreating the sound from the sources.

How do wired headphones work?

When plugging them into the audio source, whether smartphone, computer or some other gadgets with audio signals that transmit through the cable and into the earphones. When it reaches the earphones, the signals will be converted to sound waves by the drivers, which are the loudspeakers in the earcups or earbuds. The drivers have the following features:

  • magnet
  • voice coil
  • diaphragm

These features work together to create high-quality audio output. Further, the design of the ear cups or earbuds seals in the sound to provide a more immersive listening experience and prevents audio leakage to the surrounding environment.

Pros of wired headphones

  • Better sound quality. Wired headphones offer superior sound quality because they can transmit uncompressed audio data without signal loss or any interference caused by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • No battery. Wired headphones have no battery to function, which makes them a hassle-free and reliable choice. It is useful for listening sessions for a long time without a low battery problem.
  • Improved stability. Wired headphones are fixed to their physical cable, which means they would not accidentally disconnect issues.
  • Lower latency. Wired headphones have zero latency, which means no delay between the audio and the video you are listening to or watching.
  • At a cheap price. A wired earphone is cheaper than a wireless earphone. It doesn’t require advanced technology, such as:
    • Bluetooth
    • NFC

It makes them an excellent choice for budget-conscious customers or those who choose to prioritize sound quality over features.


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