Cats Need Spaying or Neutering – Here Are the Reasons Why.

Spaying and neutering cats are essential medical procedures that offer numerous benefits not only to one pet, but also to the overall cat population. If you look at, you will find why many people prefer to have cats as pets. And as a responsible cat owner, here are the reasons why spaying and neutering them are important.

Preventing Cat Overpopulation

Effective cat population control in the community is one of the amazing benefits of spaying and neutering efforts. Unplanned litters increase stray and feral cat populations. And spaying and neutering cats reduces the number of unwanted kittens.

Boost Cat Health

Spaying and neutering have positive health benefits for felines. If spayed before their first heat cycle, female cats can avoid common health conditions like uterine infections, ovarian cysts, and breast cancers. Neutered male cats on the other hand have a lower risk of prostate and testicular cancer.


Control Urge to Roam

Cats that are not spayed or neutered will always have the urge to roam in quest of mates. Roaming cats are more prone to get into accidents and fights with other cats. Spaying or neutering reduces these instances making cats happier to just stay in their humans’ homes.

Reduce Marking and Spraying

Intact cats, especially males, usually have the tendency to spray urine when marking their territory. And this is one bad behavior that needs to be corrected. Marking and spraying behaviors can be reduced after spaying or neutering as cats become less aggressive and territorial.


Long-term Savings

Some cat owners do not want to shell out some money to spay or neuter their cats. What they fail to understand are the long-term benefits that they can enjoy more than what they have to spend for the initial cost. Unplanned litter of kittens can be very expensive, especially if you end up keeping all of them.

Spaying and neutering cats is essential to ensure the health of individual cats. You are not only doing yourself a favor but the entire community as well. Always remember that spaying and neutering cats is an integral part of being responsible cat owners.

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