Green Beans Everybody Should Know

Incredible Benefits of Green Beans Everybody Should Know

Do you want to get healthy? Are you finding it hard to eat vegetables because you don’t like their taste? Don’t worry because you can start by eating green beans! However, many will want to know if: “are green beans a fruit?” Since it’s leaning more towards being a veggie due to the many vitamins it contains, it also has the characteristics of being a fruit. But don’t worry because you can find out more at The Garden Hows! You will learn everything about green beans or “string beans.”

If you’re a big fan of string beans but don’t know what health benefits it provides, then you came to the right place. We will give you some advantages of green beans that you might not have heard about before. Soon, you and your family will want to incorporate string beans in your dishes because it’s delicious and because of the good things it can provide to your body. 

are green beans a fruit

Eat Green Beans for Energy!

One of the main health benefits of green beans is that it gives us energy. It’s like fuel that our bodies need to become more active. Since it contains twice as much iron as spinach, it’s no doubt it can give our body the energy we need to do our daily tasks. Iron is the main component of red blood cells that’s essential in transporting oxygen from our lungs to the rest of our bodies. So if you think you have anemia, low metabolism, or need more energy throughout the day, eating more green beans may help. 

Makes Your Hair, Skin, & Nails Beautiful

Green beans are a great source of an absorbed type of silicon for those who want better skin, hair, and nails. Because of that, green beans are known to be one of the nutritional powerhouses for your skin, hair, and nails. The absorbed type of silicon is vital in the formation of healthy connective tissues and strengthening nails, and boosting skin health. Once you eat more green beans, you’ll realize that you have better hair, youthful skin, and tougher nails. 

Eat Green Beans for Energy!

Loaded with Antioxidants

Fighting free radicals starts with antioxidants. If you eat food loaded with antioxidants, your body can easily fight free radicals that can make you sick. And one type of food full of antioxidants is green beans! It can prevent free radical damage activity. You should know that free radicals are atoms that bind themselves to healthy cells while destroying them. Because of that, it causes cancer and heart ailments. To avoid this, eating food rich in antioxidants is a must. So eat more green beans to protect your health! 

Makes Heart Health Stronger

Our heart is one of the most important organs that pump blood throughout the rest of our body. So it’s imperative we take care of our hearts since we only have one. And one way you can do so is by eating more green beans and food that’s rich in heart-protective flavonoids. It’s high in anti-inflammatory properties, which improves the thrombotic activity in the cells and prevents blood clots in the arteries.

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