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What is Automobile Insurance?

What is Type 1 Automobile Insurance?

In the event of an accident, fire, theft, or natural disaster, Type 1 Car Insurance in Thailand motor insurance provides full insurance coverage for damages to the insured car regardless of responsibility. When the driver is at fault, it also offers coverage for liability to third parties for vehicle windscreen damage as well as property damage and bodily harm. A Type 1 insurance policy also provides coverage for the driver’s medical costs, personal accident insurance, and bail bond insurance, as long as these things are agreed to by the insured or the driver in accordance with the terms of the auto insurance policy.

Who is eligible for Type 1 automobile insurance?

There is a greater danger of needing more expensive repairs for a new car that is not more than five years old compared to newer automobiles, car repairs when the vehicle is damaged or stolen. If a car is brand new, the driver must also be familiar with how to operate or handle it. All of this raises the risk level and potential high repair expenses for new autos.

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New drivers have a higher risk of car accidents than experienced drivers, regardless of the vehicle they drive. New drivers are advised to purchase Car Insurance Type 1 in order to protect themselves against expensive expenses resulting from mistakes they may make while learning to drive.

The danger associated with each vehicle does not exclusively rest with the driver or the vehicle itself. As well depending on how the car is used over time. The risk factor rises if the car is frequently utilised for long-distance transportation or daily commuting.

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What is Type 2+ automobile insurance?

Thailand’s Type 2+ car insurance offers higher coverage than Type 1 at a lesser cost, although the insurance coverage is slightly different. Regardless of whether another recognised vehicle was at fault for the accident, Type 2+ covers damage to the insured car. Additionally, it covers liability to third parties (including property damage and personal injury), damage from theft, flood, and fire.

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