This year, my family put together a Halloween costume party — this would be my first time in years that I dressed up and it made me remember how much I freakin’ LOVED IT!

I couldn’t find the giant penis costume I originally wanted, so I went to my backup costume – something dead. Don’t get me wrong, I love the slutty Halloween costumes, but it is so much more fun dressing up as something scary/weird! I love seeing the “WTF” reaction from people or when they just scream in terror. Oh my god, sooo good!


My sister and I went as a zombie mommy & baby combo!

I won 1st place and she won 2nd! Such a nice bonus, but we would’ve been so happy even if we didn’t win! We honestly has so much fun dressing each other up and playing with the fake blood. (Check out my twitpics for more pics of the costume)


Here’s my face before (minimal make-up) & after. Sexy, huh?


All supplies are from Party Packagers. 1. Bottle of fake blood ($8) 2. White cream make-up ($2) 3. Spirit Gum adhesive ($4) 4. Large gash ($5 each)

I also got the costume (adult baby) at Party Packagers! It came with an adult diaper, a giant safety pin and the giant soother for $6.99! The hilarious bib is from Dollarama.


Do you prefer dressing up as something sexy or something scary for Halloween? Tell me in the comments below :)

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