I love discovering little restaurants and Mississauga is full of them! So today I thought I’d share one of my favourite little gems in my city. I think it may be a franchise? Because there’s 2 more locations – one in Scarborough and one in Markham.


The inside looks like your typical noodle shop – a bit small, an open kitchen where you can see the cooks prepare your meals, one TV that plays Chinese programs and plastic cups where the tea and water is served. The servers are efficient, and not conversational (which, let’s be honest, is what I love about small Chinese restaurants). It’s definitely not fancy! Not a place where you can hang out afterwards… great for filling your wonton soup craving and going on about your day! Also perfect after a night of partying :) Only thing is that they close pretty early – 8PM every night so sadly not a place to grab some late-night grub.

It is just a simple restaurant with great, fresh wonton soup! Did I mention it’s super simple and affordable? The menu is (literally) just soup, your choice of noodle (egg (wonton) noodles, rice (ho-fun) noodles, or vermicelli) and either shrimp wontons, dumplings, fish dace balls or beef brisket. All for a whopping $5 – $7! 


My typical order is the soup + egg noodles + shrimp wontons. The absolute BEST shrimp wontons I’ve ever had. It comes with 4 gigantic wontons (which are hand-made and can be purchased frozen if you’d like to make them at home!), a delicious broth, the egg noodles and sauteed green onion. They have this wicked chili oil that I swear I could bathe in – visible in my bowl here. You can also buy it in bottles and take it home with you!


No pictures, but we’ve tried the brisket before (they give you A LOT of meat). The service is fast – you can sit down, order, get your food and finish eating in 15 minutes! Give them a try and you’ll see why this one if one of my favourite little gems in Mississauga.

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  • those won tons are massive! oh, i know what i’m craving for now…

    • They are sooo good! Guess you’ll have to satisfy that craving :) Maybe we should have some wonton soup for our date! lol

  • like your blog!!