I finally got a chance to try the new, live cooking, gigantic buffet in Brampton, Wok of Fame, for dinner and let me just say… WOW.



The front entrance makes an impression with these statues!

IMG_0423 IMG_0425   IMG_0426

The decor is very impressive – this is definitely not like any other Asian buffet you’ve visited. A large tree is a focal point once you enter the dining room, a small aquarium wall is at the waiting area as well as a typical koi fish “pond”.

  IMG_0417 IMG_0418

The dining room is huge! I remember this building being a Zellers when I was younger… yes, that’s how big it is! The ambiance was quite nice, slightly dimmed lighting at the tables and a large tree in the middle with a piano on a small stage. I am assuming they have performances on some nights, though they didn’t have it when I went.


These were my plates! (Can you tell I love seafood? =P) I know it doesn’t look like much, but I was STUFFED. Like… I-need-to-be-dragged-to-the-car full. The #1 piece of advice I can give you if you plan to visit this place? Be selective of what you choose to eat because you will NOT have room to try everything you want to!


One of my favourite features was probably the fact that you can grab your own non-alcoholic beverages (included in the price, of course). It was really convenient not having to wait for anyone to get you a refill of something.

  IMG_0395   IMG_0420

This is the cold salad/antipasto bar. I only got smoked salmon from here, but everything looked great! Wish I had room to try others… (Also, I love the decor on top of it! Cool, huh?)


This is the Teppanyaki Station and it’s rightfully the centre of attention. (If you’re unfamiliar, teppanyaki refers to the Japanese way of using an iron plate to cook dishes.)


On the night I went, the available dishes were: chicken, beef, beef ribs, pork, salmon, bass, trout, mussels, shrimp and probably more than I’m missing. They cook your order right in front of you and (sometimes) they put on a show! The most impressive thing for me was the fact that the chefs were very helpful! Not only did they speak proper English (come on, we’ve all been to buffets where the people serving the food didn’t), but they are actually professional chefs. They knew what they were doing, made recommendations to me and were very accommodating.

IMG_0408 IMG_0409

You also have an option to pick out your fresh ingredients yourself on a plate and they will cook it for you — as a noodle dish, or a broth soup.


Sushi Bar: I’m usually resistent to trying sushi at buffets, but I gave this a try and I was actually satisfied. The ingredients were fresh and (again), the chefs were friendly. And although they didn’t have a huge variety, they still offered much more than other buffets I’ve been to. More importantly, the sushi tasted very fresh!

IMG_0411 IMG_0412

The bread and soup “island”: Small variation of breads (they only had white baguettes), but it was quite good! The offered the typical soups: hot and sour, wonton, egg drop, etc.

Hot Table: This is where you’d find the dishes from other buffets like Mandarin – fried rice, orange chicken, chicken wings, mixed veggies, etc. I did not get anything from this station (remember, we’re being selective) but my fiance did… about 3 plates of it so I’m thinking it was pretty good.


Dessert: The dessert table did not have too much variety and was not a favourite station (surprisingly), but this is not a bad thing! I was already quite full from my meal so it was nice not to want to eat all of the desserts!! One thing I loved about it though it the fruit that was served were very fresh (even though it was towards the end of the night) and they also have a smoothie bar where they whip them up right in front of you! Super yummy.


I thought it was a nice surprise that they had a playground for children! I bet the parents love this one!

Overall, YES I would recommend Wok of Fame. Fantastic service, delicious food & an overall pleasant experience! My favourite thing about is the definitely the Teppanyaki! It allowed me to eat fairly healthy at an Asian buffet (we all know how tough that is when all that’s usually served is deep-fried foods!) and the food was very fresh. Let me know if you go and maybe recommend something new for me to try next time I visit! :) Thanks for reading!

Wok of Fame
7700 Hurontario Street, Unit 605
Brampton. L6Y 4M3 Ontario

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Lunch: $15.99 (Mon-Thur), $20.99 (Sat/Sun/Holidays)
Dinner: $22.99 (Mon-Thur), $28.99 (Sat/Sun/Holidays)

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  • Susangipp

    This is defiantly a place you will want to go back to time and time again.  The food was great and the service excellent I can say without hesitation that it is an experience in eating that every one will ENJOY.