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There is no cliffhanger in this review. I am straight up telling you that you need to see this movie, especially if you are a fan of the book by Steven Chobsky. Here’s why:

  • The best book-to-movie adaptation I have ever seen. Yes, I’m one of those ‘the book is always better than the movie‘ people. I have seen, and been disappointed, by many movies derived from books. However this was a wild exception for one epic reason. Steven Chobsky, who wrote the book, is also the Screenplay Writer, Director and Executive Producer for the movie. Mind blowing, right? For once, the man who wrote the story is the one that is in charge of the movie. There was truly no other director that would have been good enough for this movie except him. Like many fans of the book, I am extremely protective of the story and I was more than happy to see which scenes were included in the movie and which were left out. This transition was perfection and dare I say that the movie is even more hilarious than the book, which I found more depressing.
  • Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller’s performances. I know. You’re probably wondering why I left out Emma Watson. While Emma did a great job portraying Sam, even though her American accent needed a little less Oxford sophistication (in my opinion), it was really the boys who blew me away in this movie. Logan Lerman’s performance was ON POINT! He was Charlie. He is Charlie. The way he looked at the camera, the way he smiled, the way he narrated the story was nothing short of perfect. And Ezra was incredible as Patrick. I’ll be honest – when I had read the book, I didn’t pay too much attention to him. But in the movie, Patrick came alive in my eyes. Ezra was hilarious, realistic, and sincere as Patrick; I totally understand why Steven mentioned (during the Q&A at TIFF) that he was waiting for Ezra to be available for filming because he had his heart set on him as Patrick.
  • The incredible soundtrack. The movie is set in a high school in the 90’s! Need I say more? You know when the perfect song plays during a movie? Well, this happened every single time in this movie. It is so easy to get lost in this soundtrack. Check out the listing here: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (OST) and let me know what you think! I picked it up the day after I saw the screening.
  • An incredible story. If you’ve read the book, then you know about the story. Charlie, a shy 15-year old starts his first day of high school in 1991 in the wake of his best friend’s suicide. His English teacher, and 2 new friends, Sam and her step brother Patrick, both seniors,  introduce him to brand new adventures and changes his life forever. As the year passes, Charlie continues to struggle with a repressed family secret that keeps bubbling to the surface and tries to succumb to the fact that his friends will soon be leaving while he’s got something like 1,093 days left of high school.

Check out the trailer below via Youtube: In select theatres September 21, or 28. Available Worldwide on October 5th.

This movie is a solid 4.5/5 stars in my books!

If you’ve seen it already, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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