Note that this is a revised version. The original version was posted in 2010 in my old blog.

This post can also be used as a rough guide for things not to do if you want a good quality of followers, not quantity.

But first, a little wayback playback:

(Above was the screenshot of my Twitter bio back in 2010!)


(This is how it looks like today. The same, but different?)

FYI: I scan through your recent tweets before  I decide to follow (or not follow you). If you have a blog link, I may check that out, too. I am in no way insinuating that I am better than you or that my “follow” is worth more than yours. Just sharing some perspective!  The reason I’m on Twitter is to interact, first and foremost. You’ll find that my list is in support of this. I’m sure you have your own reasons for following certain people. Please feel free to share yours, whether we look at things similarly or if you are totally different from me.  If you’re new to this blog, you’ll soon learn how much I truly value your comments, especially when they are different from mine!

  1. You have 0 tweets, 0 followers, no bio/location or avatar. – (Who are you?) I know, we all have to start somewhere. But you can start by making your Twitter more presentable. How about putting up that avatar (a recent photo of you works best) and start tweeting! Don’t expect people to follow you right away – Twitter takes time.
  2. Your following/follower ratio is suspicious – High following/low follower tells me that you went on a following frenzy and followed all the twitters under the sun. You are not likely to interact with these people, but you want to see all of their tweets. (This is often coupled with reason #1). Also, if it’s the opposite: Low following/high follower count, I might wonder if you’re doin’ the ol’ “follow/unfollow” trick where you follow a bunch of people, wait for them to follow you back & them unfollow them.
  3. You are not a real person. – This means you are either a bot and/or you use your Twitter like a feed (you may or may not be a company Twitter). Also, do most of your tweets contain links? To the same site? And do you tweet them right after another, potentially flooding my feed? Yup, you are not getting followed.
  4. I can’t understand your tweets. – If your tweets are in another language that I don’t understand, I will not follow you. Why? Because there is no damn point. (FYI, I know my name is Spanish, but I’m not. And I only understand conversational Spanish, so I don’t understand Spanish tweets.)
  5. Your Tweets do not contain any @ replies or retweets. – I like Twitter because it helps me connect with people I would otherwise not connect with in real life. If your recent tweets are all about yourself and you don’t interact with other people, then the chance that you would connect with me are probably very slim. Ergo, the non-follow.
  6. Your Tweets are all retweets. – To make your Twitter stream look authentic, and to deflect the above reason, you retweet people’s random tweets. This may work on some people, but I like to see real tweets more than retweets when I visit someone’s Twitter.
  7. You are trying to sell me something – There are some brands that do Twitter really well. If your profile and tweets sound sales-y, you are probably not one of them.   Here’s a tip: you’ll get better leads if you’re more authentic and actually have conversations with people.
  8. Your bio has #TeamFollowBack – This pretty much means that you don’t care about my tweets. You probably won’t read them or won’t ever click on the links I share. But you want a high following count, so you follow people in hopes they will follow you back. You are pathetic. Go away.
  9. I do not find you and/or you tweets interesting. – Personally, I follow people who have things listed on their bio that I’m interested in.Or if you have a link to your blog, I might like your blog. If you tweet mostly about a sports team I don’t care about, chances are I will not follow you. I don’t believe in “hiding/muting” people either.
  10. You have an auto-DM set up. – For the ones that do fall through the cracks and I end up following, but moments later I receive an auto-DM “thanking” me for the follow. You know the feeling when you buy something from a store and you bring it home only to find that the zipper is broken? Yeah, that’s how that feels. Returned. Unfollowed.

I log on to Twitter almost daily and I like to make sure my feed is buzzing with people and subjects I’m interested in and would interact with! That’s pretty much the gist of it!

But, there is a chance that you’re super awesome and you think I’m a douche cause I won’t follow you – I might’ve scrolled right past you and missed your follow (oops!). In that case, just @ reply me! I usually follow people I have conversations with!

PS. I’m not married to these rules and there are definitely a few exceptions. Some people follow a lot of parody accounts, I like to follow humorous Twitters and the occasional motivation quote.

 How do you choose which people to follow? Got any to add? Or wanna pick a fight? Meet ya in the comments!

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  • (Sarah Angela)
    Hey babe, I love the look of your blog. What just confused me though is the lack of “add comment” on the home page. I realized I had to click the post to get here. Anyway, just a suggestion. Maybe some readers shy away from commenting b/c of lack of quick access to your comment box? :)
    Ps: I’m on my desktop and ahhh, I get the carousel featured blog you were talking about now. Hahah. Alright!

    • Ahh, you’re right.
      Not sure why it’s not there (It’s supposed to be!), I guess I have to look through the coding again. These files were soo messed up when I got them. Thanks love!

    • Ok, an hour later I figured it out. Thanks Sar <3!

  • I agree with you 100% on this one! I also don’t like seeing ONLY tweets responding to giveaways in timelines.

    • Oooh that’s a good one! But there are a few gems who can balance giveaways and still have real conversations. Like finding needles in a haystack! lol

      • LC

        oh. i created a separate account just for giveaways. haha!

        • I see a lot of people do that! I think it’s a good idea :)

  • thatgirlssite

    This is so spot on. Is there a way to tell if there’s auto DM setup? I’d like to avoid those too if possible.

    • Thanks so much for reading!!

      Unfortunately, there’s no official way to tell, but it’s hard to miss when you get the DM right away (I’m talking minutes after you follow) and the msg if impersonal.

      Related, now that Twitter’s introduced DM for people who you don’t follow… do you think spam DMs will get worse?

      • thatgirlssite

        I read here often, I’m just one of those folks who are shy with the comments :)

        I would hope they have something at least set up to take away that privilege to users that abuse the option. I already get lots of DM’s from people who have had their accounts phished trying to get me to click links- it feels like that’s only going to add to that problem.

        • Aww thanks for commenting!! I know what you mean – sometimes it takes me months to actually comment on a blog I’ve been reading. I’m so glad this post helped connect us :)

          There IS an option to turn it off completely, so there’s that. I agree though, the phising/spam DMs are getting out of control! I’m surprised they rolled this new feature out while it’s still so rampant.