Well, well, well… what do we have here?

Welp, … a blogger who has been really, really bad at updating her blog.

It saddens me. (No, really.) And I’m a little ashamed. 

It took me forever to even publish this because I feel like it’s kind of lame to update you guys on where I’ve been. But then I thought it would be even weirder if I don’t acknowledge my absence. So here we go!


One of my “resolutions” this year was to blog way more. I clearly failed. Why? Well, the most common reasons why bloggers (and other people) go AWOL… REAL LIFE!

The past 6 months of my life has been a whirlwind.

I started a new job in a brand new industry. The toy industry is insane and is the second most fast-paced job I’ve ever had. (Working in a restaurant during rush hour or Sunday brunch takes the cake, but they`re two different ‘paces’.) Couple that with Digital/PR in the toy industry and you’ve got a little whirlwind of a clusterflock.

I travel for work a lot more than I ever have before. Working in other offices and attending press events to promote our toys has been incredibly fun and so rewarding because I get to practice what I love to do… connect with different people about our awesome products, collaborate with super creative people and I get to put on my thinking hat and talk strategy. The travel is good, but I find that it’s a misconception… it gets rather lonely sleeping in hotel rooms by yourself. Especially if you have an amazing partner & pup waiting for you at home! (People laugh at me when I tell them I get homesick lol) Not to mention all the time I spend in airports… waiting. And of course, actually being in the plane, flying above the world (Ok, I really like that part). I also like how super productive I get once I get on a plane (since I rarely sleep in planes). I’m like a machine, man. Keyboard-clacking all up in yo airplane. 

Also, we are currently planning our wedding. Today marks 150 days until our big day! I’m not going to get into details here ;)

and lastly… we are in the process of boxing up our stuff to move to our new place this summer (more on that later). But that means there’s really no place for me to take nice photos for the blog, which has been pretty demotivating.

But that’s not all.. I’ve been really thinking about the role of blogging in my life. It started as a hobby and then I got a little more “serious” when BEAUTYANDABITE was created last year. I worked with many awesome brands and people and of course, I love hanging out with my bloggy friends around the city (Toronto). But now that I have considerably less time than I had when I was freelancing, I really need to rethink how much time I want to spend sitting at my desk typing away on this blog vs. enjoying the outside world. I was thinking about taking up Youtube and creating vlogs instead? (Not sure if you guys would be into that? Haha) Also not sure if I want my face all over my blog and Youtube channel… maybe I’m not ready yet.

do know that I don’t want to stop. I love to share and it really is a form of therapy… but I need to figure out how it fits into my everyday, because I hate half-assing things!

To bloggers who also have insane everyday schedules… whaddaya think? Any tips? I’ve had some requests for guest-posts and contributors, but I’m selfish… this blog is my baby!

(Don’t get it twisted. I am not complaining that I’m too busy.love my responsibilities and how busy I am! I just need to make sure blogging can slide right in there.)

Oh well, wish me luck! Here’s to at least 1 more post this week ^_^!

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  • So refreshing reading this because I think we’re both on similar paths. While I love to build my own personal brand on the side, I also want continue to grow more at work. We should grab a coffee soon and chit-chat!!! Miss you.

    • We shall!! We live AND work so close to each other. I’ll email you right now :)

  • preencess

    Life happens! I know what you mean about being busy and not having the time to update your blog as much as you would like; mine has been dormant for quite a while now also. Ack! Glad to hear about all the awesome stuff happening in your life these days, though :)

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes!! Ideally, I want to be sharing/blogging as life gets crazier, but that’s just nuts!