If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen my posts from yesterday tagged with #CleanDieselCruze and #CHEVYxBB and you’re wondering wtf this is all about.

Since we’re on the go and I’m blogging from a tablet, I’ll try and keep this post short and sweet!

Quick version: I’m in Quebec exploring 5 different cities in 5 days with Chevrolet Canada’s Cruze! From Montreal to La Malbaie, Quebec City, Orford and everything in between, back to Montreal! It’s a pretty big deal because the Cruze runs on diesel and they are confident that we can make the trip there and back to Montreal in one tank.

Chevrolet Canada invited me and asked me to bring a guest to this amazing trip! My guest? My fiance, of course!! It was a lucky coincidence that this weekend is also our 12th year anniversary and we had originally planned nothing! Life has been a little crazy for us lately and we hadn’t found the time to plan (or, let’s be real–budget) for anything fancy. *ahem wedding-planing problems.

(On top of all of this awesomeness, I also start a new job (a dream job, actually) a few days after we get back!!!) Talk about the perfect timing!!

Anyway, I will share much more with you! I am vlogging this whole experience, so you will get up close and personal with us (eeeep!!) and the Cruze! One of my BFFs was actually thinking of buying a new car and this one was on top of her list. So I’m making sure to take lots of notes and report back to her (and you!) But for now, you can follow me and/or the hash tags on social media!


#CleanDieselCruze = The official hash tag with Chevrolet Canada. You will also see photos of the only other blogger on this adventure with us –  and a fave blogger friend of mine – Marissa from ChicDarling.com. We freaked out a little bit at the airport when we saw each other and realized we were doing this trip together. (Yaaaay!!) Marissa brought her friend Renji and he and Kris already have a pretty solid bromance going on (tell you more about that  later). Chevy also did this with other media in Vancouver, so if you skim through the hash tag, you’ll see their photos too!
#CHEVYxBB = The hash tag for BEAUTYANDABITE! 
@MariaAguilar = my Twitter where I’ll be posting pics and updates
@beautyandabite = my Instagram where I’ll be posting pics (ahem, fooood) and video clips!


Today was officially “Day 1” and we headed from Montreal to La Malbaie! Yesterday was “Day 0” when we flew from Toronto to Montreal and got to meet some of the Chevy team (who have been beyond amazing)! We also got a teeny tiny bit of shopping done (heee hehee) and ate some delicious food – you’ll see on my IG! I just took this screenshot of it just now. We’re having a great time and it’s only been a day and a half!

Tweet or IG me an questions you have about the car or Quebec and I’ll try to answer ASAP. Thanks for reading!

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  • OMG, I just saw a commercial for this car and wondered how it truly runs. I can’t wait to see!

    • So many people have been telling me that! If you have specific questions, let me know!

  • thatgirlssite

    So cool, loving all of the pics!

    • Thank you!! Hope you come back and see all of the posts! I’ve got so many!