Kris and I tested this video camera (Standard Definition) a few weeks ago while we were having sushi at Japan Buffet at their Dundas location. Our first time here (I think almost 2years ago?) was really terrible – cold food, missing items from our order, snobby servers and slow service really deterred us from coming back. But recently, I had dinner with some friends and actually received great service and the food was better, too! So, I dragged Kris out for a second try!

Also, I forgot my DSLR this night so I don’t have pictures of the food. But, check the video as we do some closeups and descriptions of the menu items. But I have to warn you, the video is mostly just us being weird (as per usual) haha. I had to edit out a lot of footage just because it was a lot of our conversations during dinner (which I think are too personal for sharing with the world wide web, eep!).

Note: I recently bought a new video camera (HD!) and it’s pretty sweeeet! So there will definitely be more videos on the blog from now on :) But I know I really need to start using a better video editor – I wish I had a Mac for Final Cut Pro! Haha Windows Movie Maker is like Paint, while Final Cut is like Photoshop! Womp, womp…

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  • “You’re not gonna finish it [garlic bread]?” “No, it’s for you!”
    LOL When I eat out with my boyfriend, I save stuff for my him too!

    • Haha good to know I’m not the only one who does that!