Starting May 2013, Kris (that’s the fiance) and I are exploring hiking trails and falls all around Ontario!

We always make random videos, but this time, we decided to actually upload + share! :)

Our first time hiking was at Dundas Peak + Tews Falls (which was on the way up to Dundas Peak). In the same area is Webster’s Falls but unfortunately my camera ran out of memory and I didn’t bring an extra card. But we’ll go back and explore it even more in another vlog!

Info + Directions to Dundas Peak, if you want to head over for a visit can be found here. 

The difficulty level here was pretty easy (I’d say 2/5) as long as you stay on the trail. Even though it gets a bit steep at some parts (you’ll see in the video) , overall it is a pretty easy hike and I would highly recommend it to beginners. Note that there is a $10 fee to park your vehicle, so make sure you have cash.

The reason we’re sharing is because we hope it will inspire you to embrace the outdoors (right here in Ontario!), so please don’t hesitate to ask us questions in the comments about anything! Similarly, let me know if you visit after seeing the vid  (better yet, SHOW ME! Tag me on Instagram – @beautyandabite.

Here are some pics:

P5200120 P5200131 P5200140 P5200167 P5200178 P5200245 P5200253 P5200284

I’m soooo happy that I’m finally getting out there and enjoying “outdoorsy” things. I kid you not… my WHOLE LIFE I never liked doing any thing like this because I always felt like I wasn’t “the athletic type” and that I couldn’t do it. Since I changed my life a few years ago, LIFE IS SO MUCH BETTER. Honestly, I could go on but I don’t want to ramble… perhaps that will be another blog or vlog?

Since we filmed this, we’ve explored 2 more trails/falls, including a hike at the bottom of Tews falls (which was RIDICULOUSLY hard and life-threatening), but also a lot of fun! I’ll be posting these vlogs on my Youtube Channel, so  I’d love it if you subscribe! (It will give me a good idea on who’s actually watching these.)

Thank you for watching (if you did) + reading!

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  • privyseel

    Love the last pic!
    rafflecopter ~ rachelle t

    • Thank you!! Lots of tries to get that just right with the self timer ;)

  • dewinner

    Just looking at those stairs tires me out but looks so worth the climb (Doris Calvert rafflecopter)

    • I know, the stairs look intimidating at first but they’re not so bad when compared to the hike! :)