(I am in New York City for work)

New York Day 1

Landed late at night in NYC. I had a hilarious conversation with my Cabbie about people going to Brooklyn and I finally get that scene in Sex & the City when Miranda couldn’t get a cab to Brooklyn. Ha!


By chance I ran into two of my colleagues and we headed to Times Square to run an errand, then to dinner at Danji. It is a nice little spot with delicious Korean dishes, tapas style. They had such incredible flavours and spice; I was very impressed. There was 3 of us and we ordered delicious 6-7 dishes and they came to our table staggered (whenever they were ready), which worked out really well for us! Great place to eat with friends! Even though it’s a “communal” style, I didn’t feel like we were too close to the other people dining.


My fave of the night? Spicy Pork Belly Sliders

New York Day 2


American International Toy Fair, New York City Feb 16-Feb 19th 2014 (this crappy photo I took from my iPhone doesn’t do this place justice)

It’s been a crazy day. 3 hours of sleep for a 5am wake-up call. The Toy Fair is actually effing insane. I honestly did not realize how competitive this industry is… there’s a toy for everything. It’s ridiculous (both in a good and bad way). Work was insane, in a good way. I won’t get into details, but wowza. We’re all going to sleep for a week after this! I love my job.


Had a chat with a cabbie about how he has 4 cats… he called himself a “cat gentleman” and I thought it was hilarious. (Reminded me of Guys Can Be Cat Ladies, Too). He found 3 of them abandoned in an oil drum and he nursed them back to health. He was a funny character and I’m glad I am actually being more friendly and conversational with strangers lately. (I used to be tres snobby.)



New York is… exactly how I remember.

You know that Sex and the City episode when Samantha wears fur and someone throws red paint at her, while yelling, “Fur is murder!” and her expression was all, “I love New York!” Well, I totally get it. New York is dirty and people are nuts but I love it. It’s New York.

Went to Shake Shack – one of my only must-have’s when I’m in the city. It did not disappoint!! I had the Shack Stack – Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses and a cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. Oh, baby. I’m drooling just thinking about it again.


Also currently loving the new BBM update! There’s lots of new features, including new emoticons!! But right now I am loving that allows you to call your contact! Super convenient that I can call Kris using Wi-Fi and not kill my phone bill or use my company phone. I’m also glad we’re in the same time zone and we can talk! Yeeeaaaaahhhh!

I have a newfound inspiration for “diary-style” types of posts. I *love* how personal they are and honestly I like reading back so I can recapture my memories. What do you guys think? Do you like more “professional” blog posts? I like a mix of both :)

Mmmmmkay, I’m gonna try and get some sleep, finally. I moved rooms earlier today because my first room smelled like smoke (gag) and I am so excited to breathe freely in my room! Oh, the little things!

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