Why, hello there…

Hey, I know you! I follow you on Twitter!” – 10 years, nay, even 5 years ago… saying something like that may have come off as creepy and percieved as borderline stalker behaviour. But on the 25th of March, during TwestivalTO, that line was uttered by hundreds of people at Tryst Nightclub in Toronto, Ontario.

It was my first Twitter event to attend – even though I’ve been an active member of the Twitter Toronto community since early 2009. Many asked me why I hadn’t attended other events (which are usually held for charity), mostly it was because it conflicted with my already-busy schedule. But another reason was… I thought it would be a wee bit awkward. There. I said it. I mean, I’d be in a room full of people I kind of knew, but really didn’t. I’d look across the bar and see @Jackwhatshisface and know that earlier that day, he had gone to the doctor’s office to get a rash looked at. Or across the dancefloor and see that @Scandalousstacey and @Goodtimejohn have taken their flirtacious tweets to the next level. Yeah. Sounds weird, right?

But there was one thing I didn’t take into account. Which was, simply put, how amazing the Twitter community in Toronto is. Many “Tweeters” already knew each other – some are in the same profession and possibly introduced Twitter to one other, others met at previous events or through mutual friends. And it certainly didn’t hurt to have one of my good friends IRL (in real life), Jenna Stothers, be one of the volunteers at this event. I ended up going to a pre-Twestival dinner with 3 lovely ladies (pictured below) and showing up at the event with them. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. We met great people, had some very interesting conversations, elevated friendships – all while sipping on wine. And the best part? It was all to raise awareness and money for Concern Worldwide. Perfect Thursday night!

PS. We raised $20,435.00 in total.



(above photo taken by: WhiteLionessMedia)


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