As you may already know, the Toronto Twitter community is ridiculous (the good kind of ridiculous) and several of us are Filipino. A few months ago, we started tossing around an idea for a Filipino food “tweetup”. But we couldn’t find a full-service Filipino restaurant in the downtown area big enough to use as our venue, so we shelved the idea, hoping something would eventually come along and solve all of our problems. Worst case scenario was we bring ba-on (lunch from home) in tupperware containers and meet at a food court and eat ’em, haha! Just kidding (or were we?) Anyway,  thankfully, we heard about Max’s Restaurant opening in Toronto as Max’s of Manila and I think our tummies simultaneously grumbled for some crispy pata, kare kare, pancit & fried chicken. So, 5 of us decided to meet to “test” it out, taste the food and start planning for an even bigger tweetup..

The following photos are all from Reggie‘s cam.

The actual restaurant is very clean and it is huge with long family-style tables, a handwashing station outside of the washrooms (for people who want to kamay (use their hands when eating)), clean bathrooms and great service. Our server, Geneveve, actually found us on Twitter (Hi Geneveve!). The food takes a little bit longer to come out (after all, this isn’t “fast food” and most dishes are made to order), but it is very much worth it! Here’s a quick vlog on our night:

Honda jeepney, smelling other people’s food, Twitpic’ing food first and then eating & Halo-Halo (translation is literally “MIX-MIX”)

Personally, I love Filipino food and if you’ve ever been to one of my family parties or have tasted cooking from Pampanga, then you’d know just why! I will defend my family’s cooking to the grave, but Max’s did a great job! It’s a very popular establishment in the Philippines (I think I described it like a “Swiss Chalet” to Canadians) where people can eat Filipino food if they don’t feel like cooking or don’t have time to prepare (Filipino dishes take a long time to prepare and cook!). But more importantly (at least to me), it really did give me a taste of home. It reminded me of eating out with my family in the Philippines and subsequently, made me miss them all too much. I can’t wait to bring my family and friends here and hopefully it will give them the feeling of “home” as well! Did I mention they also serve San Miguel, San Mig Light and Redhorse?! They’re just waiting on the shipment from the Philippines right now.

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  • fernan

    Hi there you guys selling San mig light and Red Horse by cases or can u tell me where should i buy here in toronto who ever the distributor Please.

    • Fernan, I’m not affiliated with Max’s Manila, so I can’t give you any official information. But I do know that you would need to contact LCBO as they’re the only distributors of alcoholic beverages here in Toronto.