They get me (even more) excited for Christmas, I get to open a little present every day and I get to try different products from a brand I really like. In the off chance I don’t like something, I usually give it to my sister or cousins, so everybody wins.

Thing is, I usually like the ones that are really expensive (like this one from Estee Lauder for $310… Swoon!). This one I received from The Body Shop is $99 – and if you want to get fancier, there’s an “Ultimate” version that’s $169. I think the price is fair and was delighted to see what was inside!


I like this because it’s a full 24 days


Each box has a cute little saying depending on what’s inside


I was pleasantly surprised to see it contained deluxe sample sixes and full sizes! Yup, that’s a full size body butter jar! I also like the mix of things – it wasn’t all lotions or body wash. It has make-up and some basic tools like an eyelash curler or sharpener.


Click the image above if you can’t wait and want to see them all!

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Some honourable mentions of products I’ve tried and love: Mango Whip Body Lotion, Coconut Soap, Vitamin E Cream and Shea Lip Butter!

What’s your Advent Calendar obsession? Have one you think I should try? Tell me in the comments!

Disclosure: This was sent to me as a PR sample; not sponsored. I’m posting because I’m genuinely excited about this product and I thought you might enjoy!

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