Helllooooo!!! I’m SO glad you stopped by to check out my new blog! DO YOU LIKE IT?! (TELL ME!)

Now that you’re here I want to properly welcome you into this brand spakin’ new site! I know, you’re probably thinking ANOTHER blog? But hear me out.

My old blog (MariaAguilar.ca) was having a blog-dentity crisis. It started as a personal photoblog where I catalogued my random photo dates and eventually turned into a lifestyle blog. While I was happy for the success, it really bothered me that I was using my name (and my photography brand) as my blog. It confused my photography clients and it held me back from really being myself. Most of all, it just felt awkward for me.

So, after a really long time (I’m talking since summer time), I finally decided to take the plunge and separate the two.

So, I brainstormed and tried to figure out what this new blog would be about and what it would look like. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted it to be easy to navigate, with simple colours and a catchy, cute name. I wanted a new home on the Web. Right away, I spent hours brainstorming by myself. Months passed and I brought up the idea to Kris (my fiance) and he was super supportive and even though he’s not really into blogs, he helped me mold BEAUTYANDABITE into exactly what i wanted it to be. I really, truly feel at home on this blog. I haven’t felt like this since I had my AsianAvenue page and I was 15 – if we’re being honest.

So, what’s next? Well, you’ll notice that aside from this entry, all of the other posts have been migrated from MariaAguilar.ca – these were the most popular posts and I couldn’t bear to lose them. There are a few missing, though and that’s because I’ll be updating them for 2013. They are:

  • 10 Most Annoying People at the Gym
  • Why I Don’t (And Won’t) Follow You on Twitter
  • Workout Playlists

And some things I have on the horizon:

  • 2013 Resolutions/Challenges since last year’s was so popular
  • Wedluxe Wedding Show Recap (the first of many Wedding blog posts to come! ^_^)
  • Olympus E-PM2 Review (I ended up buying this one instead of the E-PM1)
  • How To Rock Oxblood Lips (Ladies, is it too late for this??)
  • I’m also thinking of bringing back the Monday Motivation‘s – What do you think?

More importantly, what would you like to see here on BEAUTYANDABITE? I am completely open to your suggestions. (I’d appreciate any feedback you can give me, actually.)

Overall, I’m obviously super excited and I’m so happy I can finally share this blog with you. THANK YOU to those who have shown your support in my blog in the past and for sending me tweets or words of encouragement.

I can only hope this GIF can show you guys how happy I am to have your support.



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  • Congratulations Maria! I love the new blog! Looks fabulous and that GIF is hilarious! xo

  • Love the new layout. I added the new blog to my RSS Feed. Looking forward to reading. =D

    • Thanks Justin! You’ve always been so supportive <3 I appreciate you!

  • Bring it ON, Maria :) I’ll try to do better at dropping some insight and opinions on your posts when things come to me — gotta be more intentional about making the time to invest in GTA bloggers this year — life only gets better if everyone supports each other, right?

    But congrats on taking that plunge — I hope it bears all of the fruit that you’re looking for :) As someone whose blog is a total mash-up, I feel you on how it can all get so convoluted.

    Rock B+AB like it’s a fresh new style :)

    Good luck!

    –case p.

    • Thanks Casey! Appreciate it very much. And totally agree that bloggers should continue to support each other :)

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