On Monday, my friend Dane posted about the rumours of Xbox 720 & PS4 on his Facebook. I had a mini-freakout by myself just thinking about the new NEW gen consoles and then decided to freak out on Twitter.

Over the last couple of days, multiple gaming/tech sites have been updating us gamers with some more rumours. So I decided I’d do some of the leg work and put together all of the gasp-worthy rumours in one place! You’re welcome!


concept art via Pluggedin

  • Launch dates? For the new Xbox, it’s looking like most are saying it will come late in 2013 (Fall/Christmas, as they usually do!) PS4 is also reported as coming around the same time as the new Xbox, but a new source is saying maybe 2014 is more realistic.
  • Microsoft just snagged a snazzy new domain – Xbox8, leading many to believe the new name might be Xbox Infinity?
  • Or it could also be named Xbox Loop, though this rumour was almost 2 years ago.
  • Or what about Durango? This named leaked when one of the devs tweeted it was the official codename for the new Box.
  • For the PS4 – how does Orbis sound? It’s the rumoured codename.
  • Xbox Live Voice Chat will be replaced by Skype. This rumour started earlier this year when this job posting by Microsoft was released.
  • What really got me excited is news about the 3d Environment – it would allow the console to project images onto the walls! Also rumours about using glass technology (think Google glasses)
  • And how about a 16-core processor?! Rumours that it’s to support Kinect 2, with its own awesome new advances including lip-reading ability. And of course it will have Blu-ray and DVR features.
  • Meanwhile, most recently (like TODAY) it’s being reported that the PS4 will be significantly more powerful than Xbox 720 with PS4 rumoured at 1.84TF, Xbox 720 at 1.23TF.
  • Price points? An earlier leaked document points to Xbox at $299 (which would be AMAZING, right?), but this report says about $400 to rival the Wiiu.
  • Both consoles, though, are reported to have backwords game compatibility – that means your old PS2/Ps3, Xbox/Xbox360 games will not be compatible with the game consoles. Sad to hear at first, but also very exciting because it tells me they’re focusing on the future (or am I being overly optimistic?)
  • Again, as of right now, there are all rumours – we won’t know until E3 comes a little closer in June, but I am pumped!!! (If any tech/gaming companies are reading this…  SEND ME TO LA TO COVER IT PLEEEASE! I would do it almost for free!)

For further info, IGN has an organized Wiki page for both the Xbox 720 and the PS4.

TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!! What are you most excited about? I would like to freak out with you. :)

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  • I’m VERY curious to see if the new consoles will have lockouts of used games. That’s a hot topic already but it’s at the developer end as opposed to the hardware itself locking out games on different consoles.

    I’m also very curious to see how MS integrates and/or upgrades Kinect. I think it’s brilliant tech that hasn’t come close to reaching its potential. Intel showcased a ton of new motion/image tech at CES. I’m hopeful MS integrates it into the next gen of Kinect.