During the Share The Good Life Fundraiser back in June, The Boyfriend & I managed to win ourselves the Art of Blend Experience at the Hillebrand Winery at Niagara-On-The-Lake (NOTL) . Let me start by saying that I think NOTL is one of my favourite places to be in. Everything just has such a rustic, vintage feel and of course the vineyards, estates and all the wine helps :). The Art of Blend experience allows for your group (we had a group of 9) to form smaller groups and together, taste and learn about Hillebrand’s award-winning Trius Red while being guided by one of the winery’s Sommeliers. Our Sommelier was very knowledgeable and charming – she had to deal with 9 super energetic people first thing in the morning, so kudos to her! We then experimented with the blends to create a perfect Trius blend. Then we got to design our own label and cork our own wine bottles and of course got to take them home! Sounds like fun, huh? We had a blast!

Personally, if we didn’t win this at the auction, I doubt I would pay full price for it ($75 per person) though I do see how it can appeal to many red wine lovers. However, I was really pleased with their presentation and the service that Hillebrand provided us (it is one of the smaller wineries in NOTL) so I would be more than willing to try one of their other group experiences (Their Red Barrel Cellar Dining Experience sounds divine!).

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