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Let’s get down to business – I want to share my experience with you. Last week, I went in to Laser Beauty Bar to get a teeth whitening treatment courtesy of Buytopia. Buytopia was offering the teeth whitening sessions for 75% off the regular price of $199 for 2 treatments. What. A. Deal! I don’t think they’re offering it anymore, but they do have a lot of really good deals. So please do check’em out :)

Obviously I was very excited, but also anxious because of all the things I heard about teeth whitening. Most were good (obviously the teeth whitening was the big pro), but I heard things about questionable longevity and teeth sensitivity after the treatment. I’ve tried the whitening strips before and I’ve never gone through the whole 12 weeks (or however long) they say on the box because my teeth would start to hurt after the first 2-3 days. So I stopped — I still have a boxful of teeth strips in one of my drawers. So needless to say I was a bit apprehensive, but I figured it’s worth a try! I was pretty much on a mission to see for myself what the fuss was all about.

Here’s what the actual place looked like (I went to the one on Yonge & Charles):


The girl who helped me out was nice; she explained the process to me and was pretty friendly. Teeth whitening seems like just the tip of the iceberg for them as they offer other laser procedures, botox, & lipo. I did 2 sessions so she checked up on my in between and got me to rinse, etc.


I was in and out within an hour & ta-da! This post isn’t complete without a few before & afters:


Not sure if it’s that noticeable in the comparisons, but it’s definitely noticeable in person! That same night, I went out with some friends and they noticed instantly so that was pretty cool. And yes, I did feel teeth sensitivity to cold water immediately after the treatment and about 1 day later. And then it went away and my teeth have been normal ever since. Here’s the comparison chart they showed me at the beauty bar. Pretty cool, huh?


Verdict? I’d recommend it! I actually want to bring my Fiance weeks before our wedding so our teeth are nice and white for the pictures :)

Link to the Buytopia deal: HERE.

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