First things first. I do not believe in buying expensive workout gear. We sweat in these clothes and overtime, the quality diminishes and I don’t think it’s worth spending almost $100 on a pair of yoga pants. Also, if you are consistently losing weight, a lot of your workout clothes won’t fit you after awhile. If you’ve got a hell of a disposable income, then go nuts :) But if you’d prefer to be more financially-savvy with buying your workout clothes, keep reading.

Whenever I do buy new workout clothes, it is because I have earned it. New workout clothes are one of my rewards to myself. So whenever I hit a fitness goal, I “gift” myself some new workout clothes. This way I motivate myself, too! 

I put together 3 Workout Outfit Ideas for the Summer because there is no better motivation than when you actually start to look good in your workout clothes! I thought it’d be more authentic if I actually took them without make-up because I don’t wear make-up when I work out… but instead I looked kind of pale (LOL so I guess that backfired.)


Fitted yoga or running pants to the knee (From Forever 21) + Workout tank top (From Wal-Mart).

This is my staple workout outfit. (You’ve probably seen me wear a variation of this a lot on my Instagram.) I don’t like working out when my cleavage is all up in my face, so I always put on a hoodie or a big t-shirt, then I take it off when I’m cooling down.

Note that in all of these photos, I’m wearing my New Balance Minimus (sent to me by New Balance Canada as a gift). I will be doing a comprehensive review on these babies in the next couple weeks :)


Running Visor (from Underarmour), Dry-fit top (from Adidas), Colourful shorts (from Adidas – love the colour on these!), and fitted shorts (from Forever 21.)

I know this looks like a mess! (HA!) I tried to put together all 3 new pieces I bought myself last week as a reward. Anyway, sometimes I put on shorts on top of my fitted pants to change it up. It also prevents my thighs from chafing when I go for long runs and lets me stretch out the use of fitted pants that get too big (when I run, they slide down – so if you wear fitted shorts on top of it, they will hold it up).


Thermal dry-fit (from Reebok), Running shorts (from Nike)

So, now you’re wondering how I have brand name workout gear if I don’t like spending too much money on them? Simple – I have never paid full retail price for workout gear. And it’s your lucky day, because I’m going to share my favourite spots to get cheap workout gear in the GTA – it’s easier than you think! These are my go-to places to shop.

  • Winners or Marshalls (they always have workout clothes for a fraction of the price!)
  • Forever 21 (their workout section is pretty basic, but that is ALL you need. GREAT prices!)
  • Old Navy (they have a great selection of workout gear for a low price. Even better when it’s on sale)
  • National Sports on Dixie/Dundas (they have brand name apparel at discounted prices and they always have sales)
  • SVP Sports on Steeles (Wall-to-Wall sports apparel – mostly shoes and accessories – for a great price)
  • Vaughn Mills Town Centre – (There are Nike, Adidas and Reebok Outlets in this mall, among others. I always find good things here at a fraction of the price)
  • Your own closet (big, old t-shirts you never wear? You can wear them to workout! You do not have to look cute at the gym all the time)

This post was brought to you by the movie Pain and Gain! I can’t wait to see this.

PAIN & GAIN Final One Sheet

I’m a HUUUGE fan of The Rock and he looks amazing in this movie. I am so pumped (pun intended) that there is a movie coming out about body building and fitness. Also, it looks hilarious! I just know I’m going to be motivated after I see this movie.

Back to the point – Let me know about your favourite places to shop for workout clothes! I hope this helped some people that were wondering where to buy their fitness gear. Or if you have any tips for me? What do you usually wear to workout? Would love to hear your “go-to” outfits to sweat in! Most importantly, know that no matter what you are wearing, if you are determined and work hard, you will reach your goals! :)

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  • Andrea

    those shorts are so cute. i would have totally rocked those a zillion years ago before i had 5 children and got chubby lol. Thanks for the article :)

    • Girl, you can totally rock them if you want! All about how you wear it! :)

  • Conor Blake

    Should do one about shoes too. As a guy, that’s just about the only thing I pay real attention to ;)

  • Julie

    Costco has some great yoga clothes!

  • Leigh-Ann Murphy

    I just joined Goodlife gym, so I am really looking for some comfy workout clothes in my size. Nice article thanks!

  • Amy Heffernan

    Very nice. Great for in that area.

  • Geraldine Venegas

    I enjoyed the read. How about doing a piece on sports bras? There is such a large selection but always find it difficult to buy the right one. Thanks!

    • Thanks for reading and your request! I will start working on it. I’ll try and buy a bunch of different types to review. Any particular brand you’re interested in? Thanks!

      • Geraldine Venegas

        I currently use “LuLu Lemon” but their stuff is pricey. I am curious to know what other sport bras offer comparable comfort and support without having to dish out so much $$.