Sooo… work life has been insane. Like, actually. The thought of doing anything extravagant for Valentines Day honestly just gets me so tired (haha, I am on advanced grandma mode these days).

I don’t necessarily love Valentines Day… but I can appreciate one day out of the year when we can shamelessly be lovey-dovey and no one can say anything about it. So go ahead… post your sappy status update! I’m a big fan of love and support any and all ways to show someone how much you care. Don’t forget to wish your Mom Happy Valentines Day and send her a little something sweet, too!


No offense to couples who do it big! More power to ya ;)

But we have had the same Valentines Day “ritual” for the past… 9 years, maybe. A really nice card and spending quality time together is more than I could ask for. This time of the year is always so busy (and cold)! So here are some of my tips and ideas for staying in this Valentines Day.

Give Each Other A Massage (Doesn’t have to be ‘full body’)

I know, a sensual Valentines Day massage always seems so sexy in the movies. But in reality, this can get really awkward (or let’s be honest, this part is sometimes skipped entirely lol) but whatif you don’t do the whole body massage right away? My tip? Do a hand, neck or temple massage! It feels like heaven after a long day and I can’t imagine how good this will feel when you’re both warm and cozy cuddlin’ on the couch! You can also Youtube massage techniques and try them out on each other!!


I love these 2 massage bars from Lush. Close to you  is a bit smaller and smells uh-mazing! It smells like Creamy Candy Bubble Bar or Rockstar Soap (like sweet candy bubble gum)! Tender Is The Night is a bit bigger and smells very sweet and buttery. I am a huge fan of Lush and I adore their massage bars. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling super soft.

Make Something Yummy

This is what I am planning to make for Vday dessert! Big thanks to Green & Black’s Organic Chocolate for providing me with some chocolate and this recipe!


Green & Black’s Organic 5-Minute Chocolate Pot Recipe

Serves 6 (Who am I kidding, I will eat all of this lol)

You will need:
7 oz Green & Black’s Organic Dark 70% Chocolate, finely chopped
1/3 cup boiling water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup 35% whipping cream


  • Melt the chocolate in a microwave or in a heatproof bowl over a pot of barely simmering water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water. Remove from heat.
  • Add the hot water (you can use the water from pot) to the chocolate and vanilla extract. The water must be added slowly and gradually to keep the chocolate from splitting.
  • Add the whipping cream and stir to combine — the texture should be like that of light custard. Pour into espresso cups and leave to set in a cool part of the kitchen for at least 45 minutes before serving.


Talk To Each Other

I know, this seems like a given. But you’d be surprised how many couples don’t spend enough time actually talking about things. Remember when you first started dating and you could talk to each other all night on the phone? Discovering new things about each other and laughing about it all! We both (separately) used to get scared that we would eventually run out of things to talk about, but you know what… it’s never happened. It was actually hilarious when we both mentioned this to each other years ago. I really like “quizing” him about things over the years lol

Some topics to talk about:

  • Your first Valentines Day together. What you bought each other (he got me a teddy bear and flowers and I got him “heart” boxers and possibly chocolate) and why?? (Reminder that we were 16 during our first Vday together)
  • What you were both doing this time last year – did you have the same job? lived in the same place? have the same goals? Even more awesome if you can keep going back and look through photos! We recently did this and we actually took a whole day looking through photos and we only got to 2009.
  • Your favourite Youtube videos – we love laying in bed and watching funny videos. Lately we have been obsessed with funny Vine compilations.
  • Plan out a whole day together from start to finish – it can be aspirational (like your dream vacation) or more realistic, like when you have a Sunday free in the next few weeks

Play Video Games With Each Other


(Found this on Tumblr… LOL obviously not realistic because that will get annoying after 30 seconds, but I thought it was cute! We should’ve done a photo like this when we used to play Starcraft back in the day)

Maybe I am biased because I am a huge video game fan, but I LOVE when we stay home and play video games together. It has always been one of our favourite things to do with each other, dating back to literally 12 years ago when I found out he was amazing at Mario Kart. I am not gonna lie, it was a big part of why I was attracted to him in the first place (hahaha exposed). We can literally play any type of game together with the exception of sports games. He is too into them and I am terrible and we have always known this. But pop in some video games and see if you can play together! If not, you can always play board games – Battleship, Would You Rather, etc. can all be pretty fun :)

I hope this got you inspired! Let me know in the comments about your Valentines Day plans – do you like to stay home or get wine-and-dine’d? Any other ideas on what to do when staying home?

Disclosure: The Lush massage bars and Green & Blacks chocolate were sent to me for editorial consideration. As always, I mentioned these products because I am genuinely a fan. I am sharing because I like them and I like to share :)

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