Just in case you haven’t heard, I have a new job. Anddddd you might be a little jealous because…


Perfect time to use SUCCESS BABY?! I think so!


It sounds corny, but my ‘dream job’ was never anything specific – as long as it’s equal parts strategic, creative, social and challenged me to learn every single day, I’m game. I do believe I hit all of that with my new position at Spin Master Ltd. – Canada’s largest toy company! You might have heard of some of our brands? Air Hogs, Tech Deck, Zoomer, Flutterbye Fairy, Heads Up (you know, Ellen’s app-turned-board game?) and sooo many more! Over the next few months I will be helping strategize (yaaasss!) how to make sure we are using social media to its fullest potential.


Scully greets you at the entrance of our office!


Mike Wazowski is usually here beside him, but he’s too busy guarding the Christmas tree!

I’ve been here for about a month and I’ve already done so many super cool things. (I’m actually in LA right now for work and enjoying the beautiful weather. Oops!)

I was also there behind the scenes on Breakfast Television when we gave away toys for the Toy Drive. And a bunch more Toy Drives we’re been involved in during this holiday season! (Giving toys away kind of makes me feel like Santa’s niece?)

The #1 question I’ve gotten so far:

So… is working at a toy company as fun as I think it is?


I get to work with insanely creative people on a daily basis and I literally get to play with toys and watch cartoons at work. Oh, and I get free toys! Of course, there is a lot of “work” to be done – social strategy, especially for so many brands, is no easy feat. But hey… it’s really, really, REALLY fun for me! (Hashtag my passion, hashtag thisiswhyitookthejob)

FAQ #2 has been – How did you get the job?

It sounds craaaazy, but… I saw the job opening, I sent in my resume and they called me back. I did an insane amount of prep work, went to interviews and bam! (No, I’m not saying my job hunt was easy. In fact, it was excruciating. What I’m trying to say is that you can land a dream job without getting “an in”. You work your butt off and you impress the sh*t out of yourself while you’re prepping… then it’s easier to impress the company. Make sure you know what you’re talking about 1000000%. More importantly, follow your passion. No job is perfect, but if you’re passionate about what you’re doing, even the “bad” will get you excited.)

Anyway, tell me about your dream job in the comments! Feel free to ask me any questions, too. I didn’t want to go into too much detail here because I thought it might get boring, but if you’ve got questions you think I can answer, ask away!

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  • seanbailey

    Congrats Maria!!! I think your definition of a dream is good because it allows for different types of opportunities without getting stuck on one specific company or industry. I think along the same lines.

  • preencess

    Congrats Maria! I remember seeing a design position at SpinMaster before too when I just got out of school. Sounded like so much fun! And you’re already jet setting to LA! Super awesome. Cheers!

    ♥ preencess.net

  • Congratulations on your new job! Sometimes the stars align to get you there – your path to this job might seem simple but all your hard work has built up the experience and knowledge that makes you right for the job. Plus you took the active work and preparation for it… it didn’t just land on you. I have this preconceived notion that there are a lot of people out there who don’t really know what hard work is and think that just because “social media” means being online all the time, that it would be easy. So, I’m really happy for you and your excitement for it is awesome!

    • Thanks so much, Donna!! That’s exactly what it is – I’ve had roles before that I didn’t work as hard for and it just wasn’t the same. There’s an incredible sense of accomplishment knowing YOU were at the centre of it all and your hard work got you there!

      Truly appreciate your comment!!

  • Jenny Lau

    Congrats on your job! It’s great that you got your dream job.

    What site did do you use to find job listing? Thanks so much.

    • Hey Jenny,

      Thank you! I just used LinkedIn :) Good luck!