I have been searching (for what feels like forever) for a place in Mississauga that does fresh pasta. Living in the ‘burbs, we get so lazy to drive all the way downtown sometimes. So I was thrilled to hear that SCADDABUSH was offering fresh in-house made pasta!


SCADDABUSH is what Alice Fazooli’s used to be. So it’s the same place, different (much MUCH better menu) and a brand new patio. If the decor changed drastically inside, I couldn’t really tell. Since they’ve just opened, the staff is undeniably friendly and helpful. We were greeted by friendly faces as we walked in and brought to our table.


The decor seems too similar to how it was (Alice Fazooli’s). But if you pay close attention, it’s the little details that really set it apart.


I love the way the tables were set up to look more rustic, the side plates mismatched. Water was served in bottles and I don’t quite remember if they had paper table cloths before, but they do now.

Ok, on to the food!


White Sangria (Pitcher) – $23 

Neither of us felt like having wine, so we went with the white sangria! It was delicious! Very refreshing and would have been perfect on the patio!


Naked Mozzarella – $9.88 

They make the mozzarella in-house daily, between 5pm and 9pm. Our server even told us who was making it! Love that personal touch. And come on… have you ever had freshly made mozzarella?! UH MA ZING. I especially love the tomato jam served with it! This dish came highly recommended (really, almost everyone on my Twitter feed told me to order it) and I’d like to add my name on that list. ORDER IT!


Charity Bread – $2 

The proceeds go to a local charity! How freakin’ cool?! We couldn’t say no… and hello, fresh baked bread? It was heavenly! The bread was baked perfectly (soft inside, crusty on the outside) and the herbs and butter were sinful.


Char-Grilled Calamari – $11.28

They have calamari cooked two different ways – next time, I’m ordering the fried one! Not because this wasn’t good – because it was. The calamari just wasn’t the centre of attention for me. I was blown away by the tomato salsa (I soaked it up with the charity bread and ate the whole damn bowl). So although the calamari was good, the salsa it came with was better.


Spaghetti & Meatball (Stuffed) – $15.82 

We have heard a lot of  buzz about this meat ball. Our server kept talking to us about it, I saw pictures of it on Instagram, it was all up in your face on the menu (it had its own section). It was a big deal! You can have it by itself, on a sandwich or with spaghetti. Kris chose the spaghetti. He’s not a big fan of pasta, so I was surprised. When I asked him why he didn’t get it in a sandwich, he said he felt lazy and didn’t want to eat with both hands! (What kind of…) Anyway, the meatball was moist and had a very “homemade” flavour (lots of herbs). Was it the best meat ball I’ve ever had? No… but it was still good and very meaty. The pasta tasted fresh, but I felt it lacked seasoning/spice.  We both agreed that we probably wouldn’t order this again, but we’ll totally try the meat balls in the sandwich!


Baked Carbonara (Small) – $9.73

This is what I came here for! I have been craving fresh carbonara for MONTHS! And it did not disappoint! The pasta tasted fresh and was cooked perfectly. The cream sauce was thick, flavourful and the egg just made it so much better (my favourite part of a carbonara). A big highlight was also the bacon. They weren’t stingy with it! Every bite I had had chunks of bacon. The “small” is quite big – I only ate about half of mine. I’m sure I could have finished it if we didn’t have so much bread, though!

Overall, I cannot gush over this restaurant more. The food was impressive and our service was impeccable! We are pretty determined to try every single thing on the menu, because it all looks so good! I’m so glad there’s a place in Central Mississauga that serves fresh pasta (and mozzarella!) The prices are also so reasonable! I love that you have the option to order a “small” size in the pastas, even for dinner. Highly recommended. Quite possibly our new go-to Italian restaurant in Mississauga.

And if you join their Social Club, they’ll send you a $25 gift card!! 


Disclosure: I was given a $50 gift certificate by SCADDABUSH’s PR partner and we applied it to this meal. I was already planning on trying it out, so it was a welcome surprise! Also… the food is priced so reasonably! I don’t remember the last time we had a date night and our bill was under $100. As always, that doesn’t change what I think about it and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I would never, under any circumstances, recommend a restaurant I didn’t truly love. (I take food seriously, man!)

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Have you tried SCADDABUSH yet? If not, did anything I order spark your interest? :) And if you have, what should we order next time? I’m thinking the pizza’s and the other types of mozzarella! And definitely dessert, since we were too full to order it this time around. Let me know what you’ve tried!

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  • That looks AMAZING. I’m shocked you had so much foodie food for under $100. Maybe I’ll drag Mike out there one night ;)

    • You have to try! The price can’t be beat for the quality!

  • This sounds weird but sometimes I enter a restaurant that has a very interesting name – like this one. HA! Love those photos. They’re all amazing and they made me hungry!

  • torlonias

    Love the whole concept and the mismatched plates! :)