If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my posts all about our newest addition. His name is Hovi – totally inspired by Jay-Z. Kris and I wanted to name him after something/someone we both really like. (My original suggestion was to name him “Pizza” LOL and that was veto’d very quickly.)

So, B+AB readers… meet HOVI! He is the absolute freakin cutest puppy of all time.

He is our first puppy so we are super excited (and also super exhausted) lol


Our first few hours with him! He’s sooo tiny and he’s growing so much every day.

He is currently 8 weeks and a few days old. He is a shih tzu :)

The photos below were taken yesterday.


We have a famly dog w/ my Mom + siblings (his name is Yoshi and he is a 2-year old shih tzu/poodle mix) and Kris (that’s the fiance) grew up around family dogs, so we are both familiar with taking care of these little babies. But this is our first puppy, so we are learning a lot! We have been reading and watching a ton of videos and articles all about how to be the best pack leaders for Hovi and to make sure he is a happy, healthy and obedient pup.


We have completely fallen in love!


Hi Hovi! :)


For size reference. It’s hard to show size in the photos on Instagram, but he is tiny! And so so so so cute! He will grow up to be anywhere from 10-15 lbs. Right now he is 2.5 lbs!


Hovi says thanks for looking/reading! Come back for an update + more pics :)

If you have an Instagram, we made an account for his photos —> @ItsHoviBabyWOOF <–

We couldn’t resist! And of course he can’t wear them yet (they weigh almost as much as he does) but we got a little excited lol

This one is from my Instagram (@beautyandabite)

I will be updating you next month on Hovi + blogging about our experience as first-time pet owners. If you have any tips for us, please leave them in the comments! As much as I love reading articles online, real-life tips can’t be beat! :) Or let me know if you like this post and would like to see more Hovi on B+AB :)

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  • he’s so cute! I find it adorable that you made an instagram for your dog. Kinda like people have youtube accounts for their cats :P

    PS… every time I load your site it says “blockUI requires jQuery v1.2.3 or later! you are using v1.10.2” :(

    • Thanks for the heads up on the error! Can you check now if it still comes up? I think I fix it. *fingers crossed*

      And yes! It’s our attempt to not flood our own Instagram feeds with only his photos, but that doesn’t seem to working out so well LOL

  • nikky charlene

    Ohygosh so cute! congrats on your new dog. Now he’s part of your family :D love it

    Ps. just like ‘steph (fun size beauty)’ – I am always getting the same msg when I load your site. Just a heads up :)

    xoxo, charlene

    • Thanks Charlene! Can you check if the error still comes up?

      And thank you!! He’s been the sweetest and most obedient dog!

  • Paige Mangialardi

    Omigosh! He is like a Nutella-dipped marshmallow! I just want to squeeze him! Where did you get the name from? (I’m thinking Jay-Z but I’m probably incorrect. LOL)

    • Totally inspired by Jay-Z :) We wanted to name him after something/someone we both love! He’s so freakin’ cute!!

      • Paige Mangialardi

        Ummmm we are officially soulmates (sorry to your fiancee!) That’s amazing!

  • nikky charlene

    Hey love its gone :) you fixed it!! Ohmygosh that vid of your dog! sooo cute! :) :)


    • Yay, thank you for letting me know! I went into panic mode and worked on it ASAP. I hate error messages lol

      And right?! He’s the cutest!

  • Vidz

    He is the cutest thing EVER!!!! <3 now I want a puppy :)

    • Hehehe don’t let the cuteness fool you, a puppy is a lot of work!! I’m here feeling like I just got a brand new human being LOL /nosleep.

  • Heidi C.

    What a cutie! Such a sweet face! he must be a doll!

    • He is honestly amazing! We started training him right off the bat and he’s such an obedient little boy!

  • Tintin

    Congrats on your first new dog, Hovi! So cute!