The Limited Edition Santa Baby from Lush retails for $8.95 and it’s my new favourite lip product this season.

The Lush team sent this to me a couple weeks ago and I have been wearing it almost every day. I did not expect it to be so fabulous. I thought it would be sheer and shiny, but it was the opposite. Super pigmented and matte (but still moisturizing.) It quickly became one of my favourite products! Obsessed, with a capital O.

Oh, and it photographs like a dream. I must’ve sold at least 30 by now because I have been raving about this product since I got it. To everyone!! lol A lot of people have approached and asked me about it!! Crazy, right?


(Taken before work one morning last week)

If you love red lips but hate the dryness that comes with the fall/winter, you need to pick this up. It also works really well under your favourite red! It provides a great, pigmented, moisturizing base.


I love it so much that I went out and bought an extra one at Lush within days! It’s limited edition, so I figured I should stock up. ;) It might stain your finger a little bit when you apply, but just wipe it off with a Kleenex and you’ll be okay.

The only thing you should know is that the staying power is not amazing. It islip tint after all. I have to reapply after I eat or drink something and that’s totally okay with me.


If I want it to stay on for longer, I layer a lipstick (like MAC’s Rubywoo) on it. This is how that looks! Super pigmented and solves the problem of my lips drying out when I use a super matte lipstick.


Any favourite lip products this fall/winter you’ve recently discovered? Have you tried Lush lip products before? This is my first one and now I am super curious to try all of them!!

Disclosure: I was sent this product by the Lush team. As always, that doesn’t change what I think about it. I’m sharing because I honestly love this product and thought you might, too!

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Santa Baby Lip Tint From Lush [Review] (Under $10)
Staying Power
Colour Payoff
4.7Overall Score

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  • Sooo beautiful, Maria! xo

  • Steph

    Makes me want one. I usually go for stick balms but the colour on this one has me really tempted.