Introducing… my new phone! (Cue the tears of joy, fireworks, etc.)
Below is 2 of my home screens (my 3rd one is a calendar widget):


Details: Service Provider: Rogers on a 3-year term for $159.99, running on the LTE Network. Device specifics can be found here on the Rogers website.

Note: I was a previous Blackberry user and have never owned an iPhone so I tend to compare to Blackberry devices (see the size comparison below).


The Good:

  • Incredibly fast. This is the most important “perk” from this phone. It loads instantly, including web-browsing (the LTE Network helps). There have been no lags or pauses; it is extremely fluid. Zooming, swiping & flipping through the screen is just as flawless. Websites look exactly as they’re supposed to and because it’s an Android, it can handle flash.
  • It’s a very intuitive (at least for me) and didn’t need to read any manuals.
  • The “motion” features: turning it over to mute incoming calls, tilting to zoom (but pinching works, too) and panning through screens are great and make navigation much easier.
  • Because it requires a Google account, all of my Google accounts are synced with it and it is very, very useful and extremely fast – so convenient!
  • The screen is gigantic (granted, it’s what uses up most of your battery), but I absolutely love it. It is very clear (dare I say it’s better than the iPhone’s “retina” display), and allows for split-screen (like tablets) when viewing emails, etc.
  • Takes seconds to start up (Blackberry users, you know what a difference this makes) but I’ve never had to “battery pull/reboot”. It’s only turned off when I’ve drained the battery (more on that below).
  • The design and interface are very customizable.
  • It also came with headphones which have been very handy with great sound quality.
  • It has 2 cameras: a 2-mega pixel camera at the front (for self-portraits or Skype) and an 8-mega pixel in the back with an LED flash. Since I’ve had this phone, I haven’t been using my point-and-shoot; it is an excellent “on the go” camera. The camera feature was very important to me when I was deciding on which new device to get and I am extremely happy with this. It loads up right away and offers amazing quality.
  • I can’t outline them all here, but the little features on this phone have impressed me so much. Swiping to the right on the contacts screen lets you call the person, while swiping left lets you text message them. The Android Marketplace has an incredible selection of apps and games (something I was extremely deprived of with the Blackberry App World).

The Bad:

  • This phone is huge (especially compared to my old Blackberry 9700). But it was something I knew I could get used to. (I’ve always liked phones with larger screens – I actually hated that my Blackberry was so small.)
  • It’s an extremely delicate and light phone, so you will want to get a very good case, which will land you about $30-$40, depending on which one you get. I have an Otterbox from the Defender Series and it is amazing (the photo below shows the Otterbox in its 3 parts + the phone on the very right). However it did make it a bit bulkier (see the photo below of the phone with the case).



I would not say this phone is a “pocket” phone. The Otterbox set came with a holster, but I’ve never really liked using holsters so keeping it in my purse works for me!

  • Now… the battery: I use this phone about 5x more than I did my Blackberry. I use more apps, play more games and it runs far more detailed apps and graphics. With that, it needs to be charged at least once a day and needs a much longer time (definitely over 4 hours if it’s drained completely). I usually charge it while I sleep, when I’m home doing chores, or at my desk at work.

Recommend it? Absolutely.

If you have more specific questions, feel free to comment below! And if you have this phone and want to share some tips and tricks with me, please comment! Thanks for reading.

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  • After purchasing my Samsung Galaxy S I will never tough another Samsung Product again. I have so many issues where the phone just decides it wants to close applications while I am trying to use them, the battery life is horrible & to make matters worse Samsung announced they will no longer support updates on a phone that is less than 2 years old! I hope it works out for you with this phone, but after my experience with one of their products I will be sticking to iPhone going forward.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Graham. I think it may have been a common problem with the first Galaxy S device (applications closing abruptly) as this isn’t the first time I’m hearing about it. Did you contact Samsung about it? I’d be interested to see what their feedback was.

      Thanks for commenting.