I have always had weak nails. They would tear or peel off and yes… I also had a nail-biting problem for as long as I can remember. But I was committed to growing my nails this year – mostly because I would get SO JEALOUS of all the pretty nails everyone seems to have. And an added pregnancy perk was that my nails are growing super fast these days (win!)

So, I was really excited to hear all about Sally Hansen’s new Colour Therapy line. I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen, mostly because the shades are so accessible, affordable and there’s lots of awesome shades to choose from. I also really like how the brush is really thick.

So, what’s different about Color Therapy?

  • The polishes are infused with argan, acai and evening primrose oil. These have unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E that essentially give your nails that extra boost and moisture that most other polishes just can’t provide.
  • Because of this, there is no need for a base coat. Because you actually want the polish to be on your nails! Anything that saves me time automatically has my attention.
  • There is a Cuticle oil in the line that I have become obsessed with. I’ve learned that taking care of your cuticles is a HUGE STEP towards healthy-looking nails. I cannot rave about this cuticle oil enough!


The 33 pigment-rich shades are from the colorful world of Madeline Poole – she wanted them to be as vibrant as they look in the bottle. The swatches below show just that!


Nail polish & Top Coat contain a patented micro-delivery system that delivers an argan oil-enriched formula


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Note that each swatch you see below is 1 coat on the left, then 2-3 coats on the right.


Chai on Life – Excellent nude that goes with just about anything.

Steely Serene – This almost looks like a mauve-grey when I wear it and it has become one of my favourites. Great shade for fall!

Powder Room – I’m not a big fan of this texture, but I do love that 1 coat has amazing coverage. This would be an awesome shade for a wedding or event!

Blushed petal – Great nude with a pink tint. Perfect for everyday work wear.

Couple’s Massage – Awesome nude with a peach tint; this one needs about 3 coats to get it to the opaqueness that I like.

Therapewter – Sheer, sparkly silver that would look awesome on top of any colour. Yet, it’s not “glitter”, so it’s not super tough to take off!

Rose Quartz – Very, very sheer. I like my polishes pretty opaque, so this was my least favourite. But I can see how it would be great for someone who likes natural-looking nails.

There are so many more shades – you can check them all out at the Nail Index by Sally Hansen. Great resource to see all of the shades and even some nail tutorials!

Pampered in pink – Vibrant hot pink, great for summer. Love this one on toes!

Haute Springs – A hot, fierce red. Awesome colour with just one coat!

Ohm My Magenta – Love how deep this pink is – great compromise between red and pink, if you can’t make up your mind!


Slicks and Stones – One of my instant favourites – deep purple with flecks of gold

Cool Cucumber – Vibrant, deep green. Lovely for fall.


These two look very similar in the bottles, but swatch very differently

Indiglow – Super vibrant violet-blue

Soothing Sapphire – one of my favourites! Super vibrant and looks amazing with a glossy top coat

Suggested retail price: $11.95 and available now at major retailers and drug stores!

Disclosure: These polishes were sent to me for editorial consideration. Not sponsored. 

What’s your go-to polish for fall? I LOVE nudes – Blushed Petal and Steely Serene are my top two faves from this line!

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Sally Hansen Color Therapy - Oil Infused Nail Polish Review and Swatches
Overall, I love the brush and packaging. The formula promises NOT to dry out my nails and it's delivered! I am obsessed with the cuticle oil and overall pigmentation of the polishes I received has been impressive. The polish usually chips within 2-3 days, which is pretty average for me. There's only 33 shades in the line, so it's not a ton of choices, but I am really digging them all (lots of nudes that I am obsessed with.) Overall, would recommend, but see which shades you'll actually be using before you make the purchase!
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