I walk by the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Square One far too often. I am always so tempted to go in and go on a chocolate binge but that’s not part of the fit lifestyle, so I’ve been pretty good. But on certain “holidays”, I make an exception. On Valentines Day and Christmas, I let myself go nuts with chocolate (I’m sorry to all the fitness fanatics reading this lol).


So I went in for a visit and met with Bonnie, who’s the head honcho over at the Square One location and tweets, too! She posts some super yummy pictures of chocolates and caramel apples almost daily!

Here are some chocolicious items that caught my eye:


Obviously the wall of caramel apples and chocolate-covered-errythang got my attention.


The chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentines Day are made fresh (so they didn’t have any when I came by the store) but this is how they would look like. Giant strawberries dipped in chocolate and covered in nuts. Bonnie also says they are probably the most popular item for Valentines Day – and rightfully so! Mmm.


A $100 box of chocolates?! I wonder how long this would last me..


They also have truffles if your lady’s a little fancy ;) Love their velvet boxes, too.


And I thought this was super cute – they have chocolate roses ranging from single rose all the way up to a dozen


And if chocolate isn’t your thing, they also have some delicious brittle! (It’s a big delicacy in the Philippines, more specifically to Baguio from what I remember, so I have a soft spot for it.) And I practically squeled when I saw “chili garlic” as a flavour. My adventurous foodie self wants to try it really badly.

P2050782 And they also have some dog biscuits! Hehe cute, right?

 And here’s 2 things I couldn’t get pictures of (since I couldn’t just start opening boxes and taking pics of the inside!) and will be picking up: If there was ever a time to slather on chocolate and lick it off another person, it’s Valentines Day! And also the No Sugar Added if you’re more health conscious or don’t like your chocolate very sweet!


Bonnie was very helpful and charming and even agreed to sponsor this little Valentines Day giveaway! There is one catch though: the winner will need to physically pick it up from the Square One location. We didn’t want to send it through the mail because the chocolates are honestly so beautiful and we didn’t want to diminish the quality (temperature is important, too). We might be able to drop it off to you if you live nearby, too :)

I know that a box of heart-shaped chocolates seems over-played. But I like “old fashioned” gifts when it comes to Valentines Day. A box of chocolates, roses and a teddy bear will always put a smile on my face. Valentines Day, to me, is a free pass for all things cheesy and corny – you know, the sort of thing old-fashioned romantics enjoy. :)

And for you single-tons… who says you can’t have a box of chocolates (and maybe some vino) with your girlfriends? Sounds like a fun time to me!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! :)

Update February 14, 2013 – Winner chosen! Thanks for everyone who entered :) Make sure you check back or Like B+AB on Facebook to be notified of  new giveaways.

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  • I have a teenage daughter so I’m always in Square One.

    • Ooh, she might want some of the chocolates if you win! Hehe thanks for entering :)

  • I loooove chocolates! Perfect reason to head to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Square One!! :)

  • great pictures – you’re making me hungry!

    • I’m making me hungry too! The other food posts on here don’t help!

  • beth

    thanks so much- new to your blog :)

  • Manal

    Yum! Love this blog post and thanks for the sweet give away!

  • Pick me, pick me!!

  • Great blog and great giveaway…thanks Maria!

  • Because of you, I am craving chocolate BIG time!!! LOL…:)

    • Me too, Sandy! Every time I look at this post lol

  • Who doesn’t love chocolate?! Great photos as always! xo

  • Mmmm, yum! Looks delish!

  • I love the chocolates!

  • aimee andres

    will you be my valentine!?!? If I win i’ll share with you! :)


  • I’m willing to walk to Square One for chocolate!!! :-) awesome giveaway. Happy VDay!