If you have been to my blog before, you must know how much I. Love. Lipsticks!

So I was ecstatic when Rimmel London Canada’s PR peeps sent me the new The Only 1 Matte line – available in Canada this spring! I’ve already seen them at my local drugstores – retailing for $8.99 or so. (WHAT A DEAL! But wait, I don’t want to get ahead of myself)

The line has 10 shades ranging from nudes to a dark 90’s brown. There’s also a vibrant purple and so many pinks and neutrals in between.

Here’s how they look like on my arm, pic taken with natural lighting and no photoshop:

But what really matters is how they look on the face, right?

IN MY MOST AWKWARD VIDEO YET – see my try on all 10 shades in my newest YouTube vid – it’s less than 2 minutes! (Subscribe while you’re there, would ya?)

And here is a snapshot of my face with all of them on. (I tried to make the same face in every photo 😂)

Let me know in the comments which shade YOU would reach for?

I promise they’re not paying me to say this – I love EVERY. SINGLE. SHADE. I am on a nude/neutral phase right now and I have been wearing Trendsetter and Salute on the daily. Salute is just has the slighest pink undertone. I also love my corals and pinks, so I’m really excited to rock Keep it Coral and Leader of the Pink once the weather starts to warm up.

If I had to choose, my least favourite is probably Take The Stage, only because I have SO many red lipsticks already.

Now, as for the formula – these claim to last all day and keep your lips moisturized. You have to know I wear A LOT of lipstick – matte lipsticks, especially, so I think I’m more than qualified to really take these out for a spin.

Long-lasting? Yes, but not “all day”. I did eat a sandwich and it stayed on, so I was pretty impressed with that! I had to reapply once about 6 hours after my initial application. That’s actually incredible for a drugstore lipstick – even the MAC Matte lipsticks don’t last me that long.

Moisturized Lips? Let’s get one thing clear – all matte lipsticks will be somewhat drying. (I always compensate for this by making sure I put a moisturizing lip balm under my lipsticks, exfoliate and drink plenty of water.) Ok back to the review – the most hydrating matte lipstick I own are the Dior Rouge Dior line. The most drying? MAC’s Retro Matte formula is up there, along with Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lips. If the Dior line is 5 and MAC Retro Matte is a 1, these would come in at a 4. These are the most hydrating matte lipsticks from the drugstore I’ve ever tried. The colour payoff is insane.

Packaging? They come in the plastic red tubes with a little indicator at the bottom for the shade, which I find to be helpful. Surprisingly, they actually match the lip colour. They are similar to all other Rimmel lipsticks, except they’re red. The packaging overall is okay, nothing special for a drugstore brand.

Smell? They have a sweet, almost bubble-gum smell. I thought it was too overpowering at first, but after awhile I got used to it. If you are sensitive to smells, it might be an issue. But at least it doesn’t smell like chemicals – haha.

Overall, I highly recommend this line. The moisturizing formula is very close to high-end, fantastic colour pay-off and colour selection is right up my alley. With a price tag at $8.99, I definitely think these are worth a try!

Let me know if you enjoyed this format of review and which colour you think you would reach for, in the comments!

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