For Summerlicious, I hit up Trevor Kitchen + Bar with Jenna. It was my first time and Trevor has a great reputation, so we thought, why not?

This was my appy! I’m a huge fan of crabcakes and this did not disappoint :)

Jenna’s appy – she said it was delicious! Um, bacon salad? Yes please!

This was my entrée – yes, the truffled goat cheese poutine sold me! But it was not as good as I thought it would be – there was little cheese on it, and the fries could have been hotter. I also felt like the steak could have been cooked better – they got my well-ness right (medium rare) but it didn’t have grill marks nor did it have that “just grilled” taste. You know what I mean? The prawns were okay, nothing special either.

Our desserts made me forget all about my (slightly disappointing) entrée, to be honest! The sorbet came with such vibrant flavours that we wished we weren’t as full as we were! And of course the creme brulee was cooked perfectly. The desserts were a big hit.

Overall an okay Summerlicious meal. As much as I love ‘Licious’ dining, over the years, I’ve learned not to expect the very best simple because of the quantity of guests all of the restaurants have to serve during a short period of time. However, we were very pleased with our service (friendly, professional, prompt), the wine was delicious, and the ambiance is fantastic. It is the perfect little spot for an intimate date with your significant other :) I will definitely be back!

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