We went on a little double date a few weeks ago at Loudawgs! We finished seeing a TIFF screening at Ryerson theatre so we decided to walk down the street to the Ryerson Pub. The best dates are when you’re in good company, with great food, and even better conversations, don’t you agree?

Mmmm! We were all making moaning sounds while eating. If that’s not an indication to how good the food is, then I don’t know what is!


 My Fiancé, Kris, ordered the Big Dawg (YEAH this is for one person) – Hand-cut fries with homemade gravy made from smoked chicken bones, fresh cheese curds, our mmmmeaty beans, all topped with
smoked pulled pork AND our delicious homemade coleslaw. The verdict? Incredible! He almost finished it, too, which was quite impressive. But seriously this is a share plate – easily share-able between 3 people.

I ordered the 2 Meat + 2 Sides combo – I chose the beef brisket and the pulled pork with a black bean corn salad and the corn muffin. This was huge! I probably should have gone with just 1 meat and 2 sides, but I have hungry eyes. Both the pulled pork and the beef brisket were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The corn muffin was also delicious (there’s a big cheese surprise in the middle), but I don’t think I would order the black bean salad again. Not that it wasn’t good – but I think the other sides were better. Don’t ask why the heck I ordered a salad anyway – my poor attempt to eat something with veggies =P


Jill ordered 1 Meat + 2 Sides and chose the pulled pork with fried pickles and coleslaw. She was quite happy with her meal – I am so trying the fried pickles next time.


And Fran ordered 2 Meat + 2 Sides as well, opting for the pulled pork and beef brisket as well with the sweet potato fries and a corn muffin (not pictured). He was also very happy with his meal.

Overall Impression:
Food: “College Food” is what we all thought of this place. (And this is a good thing!) You get a lot of food for what you pay for and it’s a lot of good quality food. If you’re a fan of Southern BBQ and sandwiches, and pulled pork poutine, you need to try this place.
Service: Service was great! Our server was a very friendly girl and despite being super busy, she always checked up on us and made sure we had everything we needed. The Manager even came out and talked to us about the new batch of corn muffins being made.
Atmosphere: It’s a College Pub, so it’s like what you’d expect. There’s lots of rustic woodwork in the dinig area and it has a laid back, loud, and friendly atmosphere. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this place filled with college kids in sweats on the weekends. I think they also offer live music on some nights.
Recommend?: Yes! Great spot to have a quick bite and a beer. Also great for hangovers ;)

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