Earlier this week, Jenna & I headed to Fishbar on Ossington (finally!) for a much-needed catch-up session and our favourites: wine and seafood! A match made in heaven.


Fishbar’s dishes are tapas style so we decided to order a bunch of plates we wanted to try – we staggered them throughout the evening. But of course we started and ended the night with some fresh oysters! Oysters for dessert? That’s how we roll.


Look at this beautiful plate of oysters… I almost started cheering once this hit our table. It’s served with fresh lemon (my favourite thing to put on oysters) and fresh horseradish. Fishbar features different types of oysters everyday and our server told us all about them, but I have to be honest… I wasn’t paying attention because I just wanted to start eating. Ha! Can you relate? The plate above has 3 different types – you can tell the difference just by the way they look, right? Pretty cool!


The condiments & Fishbar’s spiced vodka for the oysters. Warning: the spiced vodka is super stong!


Here’s a few of the oysters with my condiments on ’em! They were all quite good, but my fave was probably the vinegar and of course just fresh lemon.


Me eating the biggest oyster. It was delicious! Look how happy I look when I got that whole thing in my mouth! (… That’s what she said.) These were the freshest, juciest, and hands down best oysters I’ve had in a long time! We were joking around that they were “designer” oysters because the quality surpasses other oysters places. However, you do pay for the quality because each oyster is priced at $2.75 a piece! I think I’ll need to drop by during happy hour just to shower myself in oysters guilt-free.


Ah… the lobster mac & cheese.  I normally wouldn’t order mac and cheese in restaurants. However, we received a lot of recommendations to try this one at Fishbar so we did! How can we not after seeing photos of it? And the verdict? It was simply orgasmic. I honestly could not believe all of that flavour is in a mac & cheese dish. It was flavourful, cheesy, and there were huge chunks of lobster in there! This was easily my favourite of the tapas dishes we tried.


We were really excited to try this one because of the strange combo! Tamari peanut sauce with tuna and swordfish? … It was a hit! The flavours were perfect and the bite had so much dimension in terms of texture as well. Not sure what the crispy things were (I probably should have asked) but they were also super yummy! The only problem with this dish was that I wanted more! For a share plate, we got about 2 pieces each and I would have loved to have more of it.


This was a staple for us to order because we love crab cakes! There was a ton of crab meat in there. The flavours were great and the mango salsa made it very refreshing – perfect for a summer day snack. But as much as I enjoyed it, it was probably my least favourite out of the dishes we ordered, only because I’ve have better crabcakes elsewhere. But don’t let the photo fool you — the portion for these cakes was quite big! Perfect for 2 people sharing.


We almost didn’t order this one because I was turned off from another restaurant’s tuna tartare a few months ago (I’m not going to say which one)! But our server was right — this turned me back on to tuna tartare. The flavours were subtle and the sesame cracker was a perfect accompaniment to the texture. Loved this dish, but at $14 per order (same as the lobster mac and cheese), it is priced a bit higher than the other dishes.


Grilled calamari is one of my favourite food in the entire world and this one did not disappoint! The squid was cooked perfectly and citrus notes and fresh ingredients really hit the spot! This is up there with the lobster mac and cheese as my favourite from the night.

Overall Impression:
Food: Perfection. If you love seafood, you will love Fishbar.
Service: Service was fantastic! The servers were really friendly and most importantly, they were knowledgeable of their menu and all things seafood and oyster related (at least 2 of the servers we spoke to, were!) The food also came at a great pace (as I mentioned, we staggered the ordering throughout the night) and we did not have to wait long at all. Perfect timing.
Recommend?: Absolutely! I am confident in saying that Fishbar is likely to be a regular spot for me from now on! However I would recommend going with a small group (2-4) instead of a big group as the plate sizes are quite small for sharing.
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  • This looks SO delicious and you sold me on Fishbar! I think I need to make a trip to these orgasmic oysters! 

  • Back to back mentions of Jenna means one more person I follow on Twitter. ;-)

    The Lobster Mac & Cheese looks ridiculously good. I may have to mission into TO and try it out.

    •  The lobster mac & cheese is worth the mission! I find myself craving it regularly. Best comfort food.

      • There’s a diner in Hamilton that’s famous for it. I’m likely to review them next week. Probably not on the same level as a spot that specializes in seafood but worth looking into.

  • F.C.

    Thanks Jenna. I will have to go there for my self. I love Oysters! I want great food with great environment.