If you haven’t heard of Real Techniques Make-Up Brushes – where the heck have you been!? The beauty blogging world has been buzzing about these since they came out a couple years ago and I have been dying to get my hands on them. They are by Sam Chapman, one of the gorgeous ladies from Pixiwoo and one of my favourite beauty Youtubers. (You need to sit down and check them out. They do make-up tutorials suited for young professionals and not teens, like many other Youtubers out there.)

Earlier this summer, I finally got them! Big thanks to Farley Co Beauty (YES they ship to Canada) for sending me the Core Collection (they’re the gold brushes) and a high 5 for myself for finding the Starter Set (the purple brushes) at Winners! (Tell you more about that below)

I have to apologize – I was so excited that I used them before I took the photos. When they’re out of the box, they are obviously unused and clean!


The Starter Set comes with 5 brushes, while the Core Collection comes with 4. They are all made from synthetic taklon bristles, are hand-cut and 100% cruelty-free. The aluminum handles are super light, but feel very high quality. I’ve been using these all summer and they haven’t shed or lost their shape. Most importantly, they feel amazing on your face.


Each set also comes with a “Panoramic brush case”, which honestly isn’t all that useful. You can use it as a stand (as pictured above) or use it as a brush holder/container. But since the brushes are secured with the elastic, you can’t just pull them out and put them back with one hand. It looks good on display, but isn’t practical since I use these on a daily basis. I ended up throwing away both of the brush cases and they’re displayed on my make-up area with my other brushes (in a big mug).

Now onto the brushes.


Core Collection, Buffing brush – I love this brush! It is my favourite from this collection. I use it to apply my liquid foundation and it is the perfect size. The bristles feel soft on my face, but still structured and it applies foundation evenly. I sometimes use it to apply mineral foundation as well and yup, it’s good for that too!


Core Collection, Contour brush – Again, this feels really soft on my face and it’s perfect for contouring. It might be a little harder to use for those who are new to contouring. It’s a little “pointy” so bronzer can sometimes look too harsh if you don’t blend it out. Just be careful and blend, blend, blend.


Core Collection, Pointed foundation brush – This brush is too small to use for foundation, in my opinion. Instead, I use it to apply and blend cream concealer under my eyes, around my nose and on trouble areas. Works okay, nothing special.


Core Collection, Detailer brush – This is the smallest brush in the collection. I use this brush the least in from this collection. It is structured, but soft at the end. I love using it to add white shimmery shadow in the inner corner of my eyes.


Starter Set, Deluxe Crease brush – This is my favourite and most-used brush from this set. It is big and fluffy and perfect for working eyeshadow into the crease. You can tell from the photo that it’s a bit thicket, too. I don’t know what else to say about it because it’s just amazing. Great for blending and especially useful with a smokey eye.


Starter Set, Base shadow brush – This brush is also oversized, but much fluffier at the end. It can pick up a lot of product and works as a great base shadow brush. But it is nothing special if you have other wide eyeshadow brushes. But if you don’t, I highly recommend this one.


Starter Set, Brow brush – It’s very well structured and I have another brush I use for my brows, so I actually ended up using it with a black gel liner to create a smokey eyeliner effect. Yes, it’s a little thick to use as a precise liner, but that’s what Q-tips are for! :)


Starter Set, Accent brush –  Great brush too add some detail on your eye. The photo is magnified, but this brush is very small. I use it to add a highlight shadow just under my brows. It’s also great for adding shadow to your bottom lash line because it’s so straight.


Starter Set, Pixel-Point Eyeliner brush – I rarely ever use this one because it’s so tiny. It’s not structured enough for me to use it with a gel liner either. I sometimes use it to add shadow on my bottom lash line.

Overall, I love these brushes! Even though I don’t use every single one from the sets every day, the price is incredible for the quality you get. The way they feel when you hold them and when they’re on your face makes them so worth it. They apply products flawlessly. I want every single brush from the brand!

Where To Buy In Canada:

  • At FarleyCo Beauty, where I received my Core Collection from
  • At select Winners, where I got my Starter Kit from [I got mine at a Winners in Mississauga (Grand Park). If you’ve seen them at Winners, please comment and let us know which one so others can look for them there, too!]
  • I hear they’re at Wal-Mart, but I’ve never seen them there. If you can confirm, please comment!

If you have the sets, which brushes do you find yourself using the most? If you have the other brushes from the line, tell me how you like them! I’d like to pick up all of them eventually (lol).

I hope you found this review helpful!! Please share with your beauty-lovin’ friends if you did :)

Disclosure: The Core Collection was sent to me by FarleyCo Beauty for review consideration. As you know, that doesn’t change my opinion about it! 

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  • I’ve got the core collection and I love it! The brush case DOES seem really useless, but it’s great for drying your brushes upside down because the elastics are so sturdy/tight! :)

    • That’s exactly why I didn’t like it – it was so tight! But ahhh that’s such a good idea! Now I wish I kept mine lol I’ll keep mine for the next one I get! Thanks for the tip!

  • latleger

    Great post! I really need new brushes. I’ll have to keep a look out next time I’m a Winners. :)

    • You’ll love them! Amazing quality. I love finding gems like this at Winners.

  • Honey
  • Shayna Wiwierski

    I always see YouTubers raving about these and I want to try them but can’t justify buying more makeup brushes (I have so many already). I have heard that they are at London Drugs though…

    • I know what you mean! If you ever see them on sale, you have to snag them. Even though you have other brushes, you will love these. That’s how it was for me, anyway. They’ve replaced my older brushes for sure.

  • Sidney

    I have been looking for new brushes for ages! I have not heard of these nor have I seen them at Winners or Walmart, and trust me I have been looking for months and months for new brushes. Thanks for your detailed review, and great pics! I will keep looking !

    • I’m so glad you found this useful! You’re welcome and I hope you find them!!

  • Dina

    Hi do you sell real technique brushes in toronto?

  • scaha_afni

    I got super
    cheap deal for Real Techniques brushes at http://www.iherb.com
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    !!! J

  • Nancy Chan

    The Wal-Mart in Gerrard Square (Toronto) sells Real Techniques brushes.