love pho. Kris (that’s the fiance) and I eat it almost every week! It’s affordable, comforting and delicious – what’s not to love?

For those who don’t know, Pho (pronounced f-uh) is a dish consisting of a savoury broth, rice noodles, some herbs, and meat. It is one of my favourite comfort foods and once you try it, you will understand why.

Mississauga is chock-full of Vietnamese/Pho restaurants and we usually have a few that we’re “regulars” at. But one day we were near the Dundas/Dixie area and we decided to head into Pho Hung because we always drove by it and we figured it’s about time we tried something new. There’s a Pho Mi 99 just down the street, and a Pho Dau Bo on the opposite side. All 3 are chains and we’ve not yet visited Pho Hung so we thought we’d give it a go.

It wasn’t busy when we got there, about 5 tables were taken. We were greeted promptly and the service, overall, was great. They’re not conversational, but our server was efficient with order taking and getting our food to our table, which is what I prefer my pho service to be anyway.


I ordered the PHỞ TÁI NẠM Beef Rice Noodle Soup (Rare with Brisket) (#03 on the menu) – $6 for a small. Clearly, they actually took some time to prepare the dish instead of just throwing everything in the bowl (I’ve experienced this in other chains.)


So, how did it taste? I was impressed! The meat was tender, and they aren’t stingy (other, unnamed chains are not so generous). But my favourite part was the broth. It was very flavourful – so much that I didn’t even need hoisin sauce. Just a little Sriracha on that bad boy. It was pretty greasy, but I honestly have not had any pho that wasn’t greasy so I wasn’t complaining.


Ok, so I don’t exactly remember what Kris ordered. Fail on my part – I was too busy eating to pay attention! But I think it was BÚN THỊT NƯỚNG, NEM NƯỚNG, CHẢ GIÒ Grilled Pork, Spiced Grilled Pork Roll, Spring Roll with Vermicelli and Vegetables) (#17 on the menu)


He said it was flavourful, but maybe next time he’ll order something with more meat (instead of the spring rolls). I noticed the Vermicelli selection at Pho Hung isn’t as wide as others.


And another thing I loved? They have the fish sauce in Sriracha bottles! So much easier to use and you can have as much as you’d like. I always have to ask for extra when they give it to you in the little bowls.

Overall, we’ll definitely come back. The service and the way the presented the food was way better than other pho chains. And I was really impressed by the pho broth so I’m looking forward to having it again! And maybe next time we’ll order some appetizers (I love me some fresh rolls) or some pork chops.

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What’s your favourite pho place? I’m looking for “little gems” run by a family instead of a chain. If you know of a good one, please let me know! Thanks.

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  • I’ve only been to the Spadina location and it’s my fave place to go for Pho downtown. Will definitely be looking for smaller, family-run places in the future though!

  • It’s really nice to see that people actually care about presentation when it comes to pho. Too often I just see everything tossed in the bowl in a hurry…it still tastes great but it’s refreshing to see well-presented bowl once in awhile!

    • Wherever I eat, the way they present the food is a big deal! Taste is #1, but I like my food to look Food-Blog-worthy, too! :)