Random date night at Peter’s because I was craving some souvlaki!

If you live in Mississauga/Brampton and haven’t gone to Peter’s yet, YOU MUST GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO. The souvlaki is amazing and gigantic-ly portioned. See for yourself.



Ummm CRAVING SATISFIED. (This is the SMALL souvlaki…)

I’ve yet to order a small and finish it – I always end up packing it up for lunch the next day. Peter’s is one of those places that are on our list of “default” restaurants because the service is always quick and courteous, the atmosphere is very Canadian (can you tell from the decor?), and the food has not disappointed us.


We got the Caramel Crunch cake for dessert and it was unfortunately not that good… it was okay, but if you’ve tried the La Rocca ones, you’d likely prefer that to this one.

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  • Definitely a great place to go, especially if you save for late dinner ;) Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as Keylin and I do.

    • Definitely! One of our go-to places when we want to eat out :)

  • Glad to see this place hasn’t changed. Last time I went (about 10 yrs ago) it looked exactly the same! And finishing the large souvlaki dinner *is* possible.

    • No way! Have you done it? I’ve never even ordered a large – that’s a small in the pic!
      And yeah I imagine it will look exactly the same 10 years from now!