A few weeks ago, I was invited to a media brunch to Patria on King St. Kris (that’s the fiance) and I have a standing brunch date on Sunday mornings, so I thought I’d bring him along. (He’s not much of a foodie, but he knows good food ;)) Our afternoon was spent laughing and getting to know the folks at the brunch while sipping on our white sangria and tasting all of the delicious brunch dishes. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!


It’s a hidden gem (literally) because it’s tucked behind King Street (just beside Weslodge) and you might miss it if you’re not paying attention! I took a photo of the gate for ya :)

Patria serves traditional Spanish tapas (share plates) with a modern twist! We spent some time with Stuart Cameron, Executive Chef, after our meal and his love for culinary excellence is hard to miss. He told us about how they prepare their ingredients, having the nuts shipped in from Spain and a baker coming in every midnight to bake the bread. Actually, everyone we encountered was very happy, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to be around. I love dining in places where the people are happy to be there! I’ve encountered too many places where the staff seems miserable.

It was my first time at Patria and I was immediately impressed – the decor was to die for!


The Bar


Table set-up 


Cleavers along the wall



 I totally fell in love with this beautiful hand-woven wall – now I totally want one for our place.


Brunching Bloggers


The Kitchen

And here’s what you came in here to see… the food!


White Sangria ($30 per jug) {white wine, lillet, mixed apple cider & poached apple, lemongrass reduction delicate flavour with sweet crisp green fruits}

One of the best I’ve ever had! So refreshing – can’t wait to have it on the patio.


Seasoned nuts imported from Spain- sooo good!  I could snack on these all day.


Assortment of olives


Pan Con Tomate / House-baked bread + fresh tomato + olive oil ($4)

This surprised me! It’s such a simple dish but the flavours were incredible! And you can tell the bread is made fresh (I love bread.)


Jamon Iberico De Bellota / 36-Month Acorn-fed Black-Hoof Iberico Ham ($30)

This was the big one! Have you ever had Iberico ham? It is “the most expensive cured pig on the market” and rightly so! I’ve never tasted anything like it – flavourful without being too salty and perfect amount of fat. If you feel like ballin’ out, I suggest you order it. It was perfect with the  Pan Con Tomate (above).


Bocadillo Con Jamon Y Queso Manchego / Serrano ham + Manchego cheese + spicy tomato ($5)

Delicious combo! The peppers were a great touch – not spicy at all, but actually pretty tangy (like a pickled pepper.)


Ensalada De Alcach Ofas Fritas Con Queso Manchego /  Shaved fennel + radish + Manchego + Crispy artichokes ($13)

This did NOT taste like a salad. It was rich, flavourful and the textures were amazing. I didn’t know artichokes could taste (and feel) like that – almost like bacon.


Coca De Puerro a la Parrilla y Romesco con Queso de Cabra / grilled leek + spicy tomato + romesco sauce + goat cheese ($12)

Surprisingly very refreshing – great flavours and of course the “coca” (pastry) tasted amazing.


Coca de Boquerones y Mojo Picon con Queso Manchego / white anchovy + mojo picon + piquillo pepper + manchego ($12)

This was my least favourite dish (actually the only one I wouldn’t re-order) and I think it’s because I just don’t like anchovy on my pizza. If you’re a fan, you’d probably like it.


Riojanito y Huevos De Codorniz / pastry + quail egg + pisto ($10)

So good… actually, too good! What I mean is that one order would just be for me and everyone would have to get their own, so it might get a little pricey.


Tortilla de Patatas / Spanish potato omelette ($5)

Very traditional and very good! It was a pretty big slice (it looks small in the photo) and it was full of flavour. But since I’m not a big fan of potato for breakfast (I know, how strange of me) I don’t think I’d re-order it for myself.


Habas con Chorizo / House chorizo + braised beans ($8)

The chorizo… *pause… *Homer drool*. Delicious!


Huevos Cocidos y Salsa Brava / fried egg + spicy tomato + Manchego ($13)

One of my favourites of the day. I love eggs cooked in tomato for breakfast and the flavours here were perfect. This is a must-order for me.

And now for dessert…



Churros con Dulce de Leche / Spanish doughnuts + cinnamon sugar + dulce de leche ($6)

SOOOO GOOD! Everything churros should be – perfectly cooked, crispy and the delce de leche was the perfect consistency and flavour.


Chocolate con Aceite y Sal / chocolate pudding + olive oil + sea salt ($6)

Coolest dessert ever! See the crystal that’s on top of the chocolate? There’s oilive oil inside the candy and you have to break it with your spoon.


Once you do, the olive oil oozes out and coats the pudding (the consistency was more like a ganache). It was strange to eat at first (I’ve never had olive oil and chocolate), but then you just want to keep eating more. I also love the sea salt on top. Great dessert for the adventurous foodie!

Overall, we had a great time! I’ve been raving about this place since we went and I can’t wait to go back. Once the weather heats up, I’ll have to visit the patio. Brunch is served on Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., but some of these items are also on the dinner menu, fyi!

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Have you tried tapas for brunch before? Does this seem like a place you’d want to try out? And which of these dishes are you most excited about? I know this post ran a little long, so your feedback is appreciated – did I include enough (or too much) info? Any questions? Ask me in the comments! :)

Disclosure: This meal was complimentary courtesy of Patria. As always, that doesn’t change my opinion about the restaurant and the food.I

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