I wasn’t excited over the Oscars. Actually, I rarely get excited over awards shows. Usually, I just PVR it and then skim through at a later date when everyone on the Internet has told me when the best parts are. But this time around, I just happened to be home and flipped on the TV.


Seth Macfarlane – equal parts offensive, vile and hilarious – was… meh.


William Shatner appearing in full Star Trek custome to literally save the show was pretty awesome.


Overall, Seth’s opening “monologue” was offensive, but funny (as I expected)


I literally squealed when JGL & Daniel Radcliffe came out to sing and dance – perfection!


And I was also a fan of the now controversial “We Saw Your Boobs” song. I thought it was hilarious and I love how the actresses were clearly in on it.

Other highlights of the night include:


Sandra Bullock taking some heat off Beyonce for the lulzy GIF


Adele’s flawless performance for “Skyfall” – and she won best original song for it, too!


Ang Lee taking home “Best Director” and Life of Pi kicking ass in general


J-Law winning Best Actress and falling on her way up (She is also my “Best Dressed” pick of the night)



A total of 2 minutes later and I got it! Amazing.


Also bonus GIF of Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman running to help her up – so cute!

And here she is during her interview, talking about her fall and how she got ready for the evening. The trip was the cherry on top of her “America’s Sweetheart” cake.



Argo winning Best Picture and Ben Affleck’s amazing speech!

 Overall, a really entertaining show! This is the first Oscars I’ve ever watched in full and thoroughly enjoyed. Despite Seth Macfarlane’s “meh” job of hosting, I really enjoyed the performances and (generally) the flow of the night.

f-osc And for once, all of my picks actually won!! This has never happened before and I have no proof because I kept it to myself, but it happened!

What about you? I’m sure I missed some things… what were your favourite parts of the night?

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  • I actually really liked Seth MacFarlane, he was much funnier and entertaining than I thought he would be.

    I was so disappointed at Anne Hathaway’s dress, but her hair, makeup and jewellery made up for it I guess!

    Also LOVED the boob song, hahaha. Amazing stuff.

    • I’m actually a Seth Macfarlane fan, but aside from the opening monologue, I felt like he lacked sparkle? (Not sure if that makes sense lol)

      And yes to Anne’s hair, makeup + jewelry. Surprisingly, I liked her dress – thought she was paying homage to Gwyneth’s 1999 attire (I might have tweeted you that already lol). But agreed it wasn’t her best.

      Seth and his team are SO good with inappropriate sing-alongs!