NIVEA is one of my absolute favourite skincare brands. I still remember when I was little, in the Philippines, my Mom would always buy NIVEA and she used it religiously. (If you know my mom, you will understand what a big deal this is because she DOES NOT AGE. She tells people I’m her sister and people believe her.)

Anyway, her habits passed on to me and I’ve been using NIVEA for as long as I can remember. So when they approached me with a giveaway idea, I jumped at the chance!

But wait — there’s more!


NIVEA Haus is a mobile pop-up centre, and is currently on its first cross-country tour! Right now it’s in Toronto (until June 21st). Here are the dates:

  • Toronto: June 11 – 21
  • Calgary: July 4 – 11
  • Edmonton: July 14 – 16
  • Vancouver: July 19 – 25
  • Montreal: August 5 – 16
For specific locations, click here or visit the Facebook page. (Today, it’s on 529 King St W!)

So what happens in the NIVEA Haus?

  • Get a free skin analysis to learn about their skin type
  • Receive personalized expert advice from onsite consultants
  • Test out free product samples (I know you wanna!)

Help me spread the word, yeah? We’ve put together this amazing giveaway prize pack if you help us do just that :)


The prize pack is valued at approx. $130 and includes:

  • An assortment of NIVEA products to help you get your skin on tip-top shape for summer:
    • NIVEA Frangipani & Oil Shower Gel (x2)
    • NIVEA Free Time Shower Cream (x2)
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Gentle Foaming Cleanser
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Foaming Cleanser
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Exfoliating Scrub
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Gentle Cleansing Cream
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Gentle Toner
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Nourishing Day Care
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Toner
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Gel
    • NIVEA Aqua Effect Moisturizing Day Care
    • NIVEA Lip Butter Original
    • NIVEA Q10 PLUS Anti-Wrinkle Light Day Care
    • NIVEA branded bag

Some of my favourites are in this prize pack (like the lip butter, the toners and the shower creams!) You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. At the very least you must tell me what your must-have summer skincare items are!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Canadian residents only, please. Good luck!

Disclosure: This giveaway is courtesy of NIVEA. I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive some products for a possible review. As always, that don’t change nothin’! 
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  • kam77


  • Melinda Jana

    Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Liz Tee

    Exfoliating scrub :)

  • Francine F.


  • Jeannie

    A moisturizer with some SPF in it, plus a nice moisturizing lip balm.

  • Susan T.

    sunscreen and lipbalm!

  • Cathy Canton

    sunscreen and lipbalm with SPF in it!

  • Moisturizer with SPF

  • Moongazing

    Moisturizer and sunscreen!

  • Danielle

    My must-have summer items are lipgloss and BB cream

    • I love a good BB cream, too! I find that there’s so many in the market now though. Which ones do you like?

  • J_numbers

    Sunscreen and a good cleanser.

  • Andrea

    Sunscreen, lip balm and a good moisturizer.


    moisturizer with spf! For sure!! The sun seems to be hotter nowadays, I swear!! Its crazy.

    • It’s all of this humidity! I hope it goes away soon and is replaced by breeze! lol

  • Sunscreen and lip gloss!

  • Michelle B

    Sunscreen and lip balm is a must for me!

  • jonnieh

    Sunscreen, a good toner and some lip balm

  • Harjit

    My must have face products are Vitamin E moisturizer and lip balm as I always struggle with dry skin and dry lips all year long. Thank you for the chance to win an awesome prize pack! Welcome to Vancouver this week. :) Twitter fan@plumerea.

    • Which Vitamin E moisturizer do you use? I’ve heard of people putting it right on their skin. I wonder if that works?

  • Yan D.

    bb cream

  • billiondollarprincesss

    Sunscreen for sure!

  • angela mitchell

    I use less skin products in the summer than in the winter. My must haves are my homemade soap, and my Green Beaver sunscreen.

    • Ooh, do you make the soap yourself? What kind? Seems very fancy :) Good luck!

      • angela mitchell

        My cousin makes the soap and actually it is very basic bar soap with a few natural ingredients. I find a really gentle facial soap allows me to be able to wear all my makeup/creams/lotions without my sensitive skin getting irritated by too much product.

  • Lesley

    Sunscreen and aloe are must have summer tools!

  • janetwoo

    Sunscreen and sunglasses!

  • Michelle Kristin Galante

    water, sunglasses and sunscreen and good cleanser to get the day off my face

  • I actually need to work MORE on my summer skincare! Being dark-skinned gave me an excuse to be ignorant about it for way too long and it’s time to really take ownership of it. Hopefully winning this will help with that ;)

  • latleger

    A good moisturizer and sunscreen.

  • Sam Sain

    My must-have summer skincare items are a BB cream and my Tea Tree Toner. :)

  • teeslee

    moisturizer and sunscreen

  • Tricia Cooper

    My must-have summer skincare items are sunscreen, lip balm with sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and moisturizer!

  • Jasen_H

    Sunscreen is the only thing I make sure to have for summer skincare

  • Miss T

    Sunscreen,lipgloss and BB cream

  • stacey h

    hairband, lipgloss,and inline skates
    (stacey h)

  • lelalacc

    sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, powder and blotting papers

    entering in rafflecopter as jen s

  • Belinda McNabb

    I need to have my lipgloss and sunglasses

  • dewinner

    Sunscreen, Bronzer and moisturizer (Doris Calvert)

  • retrophiliac


  • truckerofbc

    Liked and shared

  • truckerofbc

    Pinned on Pinterest

  • truckerofbc

    I love my Sunscreen. I use it as I burn very easily and let me tell you, a couple of years ago, I was putting on an alcohol based Sunburn relief lotion and I thought it was Suntanning lotion. I wound up getting 2nd degree burns on my body. Blisters…hurt so much!

    • OMG!! That’s terrible! Alcohol-based lotion makes my skin hurt just thinking about it. Glad you recovered!

  • staceydempsey

    Sunscreen is first and Aloe is always great to soothe the dry skin

    • staceydempsey

      oh I am Stacey Dempsey on rafflecopter

  • Victoria Ess

    moisturizer and lipbalm with spf!

  • Lori Bazan

    NIVEA Aqua Effect Moisturizing cream is a must have summer essential!!!!!

  • Amy Heffernan


  • Chelsea Ling

    spf 110

  • Shari D

    My must-haves are lip balm and sunscreen!

  • Mary I

    I need a good moisturizer and sunscreen

  • Brenda Penton

    a lip balm and facial moisturizer with SPF, and sunscreen for my body.

  • Julie Cousineau

    sunscreen and lip chap! !!!!

  • Karine

    Sunscreen, lip balm moisturizer and I need a good toner cause my skin is oily.

  • Glogirl3

    My must-have summer products are oil absorbing face powder and mattifying face lotion!
    Rafflecopter name is Glogirl.

  • privyseel

    Sunscreen and lip balm.
    rafflecopter ~ rachelle t

  • blessedta

    spf and a good moisturizer

  • Good bronzer, lightweight sunscreen & lip gloss

  • lizzysdarcy

    A mattifying lotion.
    Rafflecopter: Jay Tee

  • torlonias

    sunscreen and lip balm
    rafflecopter – natalie t.

  • flowerchild23

    Lip balm with spf

  • Veronica

    Aloe Vera and sunscreen are my two summer must-haves!

  • Rebecca Roberts

    Sunscreen for sure! RAFFLECOPTER NAME IS REBBY

  • Tammy D

    Chap stick & sunscreen !!

    Tammy Dalley on rafflecopter

  • Julie

    Lip Balm and a spf moisturiser

  • Bons

    Moisturizer & sunscreen!

  • Avery

    Mmmmm… refreshing toner. Perfect to get rid of all the sweat and sunscreen at the end of the day.

    • I love Nivea’s refreshing toner! I use it exactly for that reason :)

  • ann w

    Sunscreen, Moisturizer and Lip balm

  • MrDisco3


  • Heidi C.

    I use a moisturizer with SPF, sunscreen and lip balm again with SPF!

  • I like to put lip balm on every night before bed


    silverneon2000 at yahoo cot com

  • annet

    Lip Balm and Sunscreen!

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  • Courtney Bella

    sunscreen, bronzer exfoliator!

  • TracyDixon

    Sunscreen, I burn just stepping outside!

  • cindylee

    moisturizer with spf

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    Sunscreen and moisturizer is a summer must!

  • Tooth Fairy

    Moisturizer and suncreen ☺ Special care for my foot care since I like to go barefoot alot and my heels crack if I am not careful!

    • Great idea! What do you use for your cracked heels?

      • Tooth Fairy

        I really do love nivea! But honestly currently am using up various samples or perks that I have received since I have skin care and beauty KLOUT ☺

  • Leigh-Ann Murphy

    lip balm is a must!!

  • lori b


  • cathyincanada


  • karla

    moisturizer,sunscreen,,a nice hat,sunglasses ;)

  • Carole B.

    sunscreen and mineral water spray bottle

  • Moisturiser, sunscreen and lip balm with SPF!

  • diane king

    Sunscreen and moisturizer

  • Wendy Hutton

    moisturizer, sunscreen and lip balm

  • Judy Cowan

    Sunscreen, moisturizer and lipbalm Rafflecopter name Judy C

  • Lisa Robertson

    Suncreen is #1 , lots of water and moisturizer

  • Dianne Melnick

    Sunscreen and moisturizer :)

  • favgreen

    Eye cream with spf for sure! via Rhonda W G.

  • Karin Dollery

    I need a face moisturizer with a sunscreen and an after sun moisturizer

  • gizfarris

    I need a foundation with sunscreen and a moisturizer.

  • Courtney Bella

    is this for Canada only?

  • Maggie Cheung

    My must haves skin care are: a light moisturizer, chapstick with SPF, sunglasses,and of course, sunscreen! Oh and a good hair protectant for my hair.

  • Paula Huie *ProductJunki

    My must-have summer skincare products have to be a good cleanser to cleanse off all the oil and sand and dirt that I find myself in a great lightweight moisturizer with SPF and heavy duty Eye and anti wrinkle cream to help keep skin moisturized at night

  • Carley L

    My must-have summer skincare items are moisturizer and lip balm with SPF and makeup remover wipes for the end of the day.

  • Pam Wood Humphrey

    my must have is sunscreen and a lip balm

  • Steph BKN

    Moisturizer with SPF!

  • natasha s.

    sunscrean, and lots of hand lotion.. my girls love chapstick

  • Geneviève Peeke

    sunscreen and a good moisturizer!

  • Md Farris

    sunscreen and lip balm

  • Jennifer Munoz

    Definitely need a good moisturizer with sunscreen in it!

  • Jennifer L.

    My summer must-haves include lipbalm with SPF in it, sunscreen and pink nail polish.

    • Agreed with pink nail polish! I also love a good yellow :)

  • What are your must-have summer skincare items? Definitely sun screen. Being as fair as I am I have to be religious about it because it is not worth the pain (or health risk) to burn and then be completely white when the burn heals.

  • mongupp

    Sunscreen, foundation, lipstick

  • sara rai

    lip balm, sunscreen, blotting paper

  • jemrah

    sunscreen, serum, moisturizer, hand cream

  • Carolyn Flanagan

    sunscreen and lip balm with spf, and bright colors of nail polish on my toes!

  • Kelly Krol

    sunscreen and lip balm

  • Holly

    Sunscreen and a good moisturizer!

  • SueSueper

    Sunscreen, body lotion, hand lotion are all must haves!

  • Bcteagirl

    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. And a good facial cleanser, and foot exfoliater. :)

  • Bree

    Sunscreen, Lotion, Lipbalm and Polish!

  • Lori Jackson

    chapstick and moisturizer

  • Sunshine g

    Sunscreen! And a hat.

  • Eva Mitton Urban

    Banana Boat sunscreen and of course no summer would be complete if not equipped with OFF – *grrrr mosquitoes**

    eva mitton-urban

  • binabug

    tons of mosquitos here so I have that all the time (esp when walking to work) and lip balm

  • Craig Pratt

    sun screen~

  • Robyn Shyshka

    Sun screen & lip balm

  • Jaimee M

    a good sunscreen!

  • Amy

    I must have sunscreen and lip gloss.

  • truckerofbc

    sunburn lotion

  • silbert


  • Joan Brown


  • Meaghan-Brianne Monroe

    My summer must-have skin care product is Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen! I have yet to find good facial products and I’ve never tried Nivea so this would be perfect.

  • amana1997

    Moisturizer and a foot scrub.

  • moisturizer, lip balm, and sun screen

  • Tanis Sergeew


  • ilikestripes

    sun screen and a good lip moisturiser

  • Destiny Lackie

    It seems like Nivea Skincare is the only thing to keep me moisturized in the summer. Like today is insanely hot and my skin has dried out fast… Nivea is my savior!