We went to watch the fireworks at Niagara Falls on Canada Day… what were we thinking! The traffic was insane and it was packed with so many people! Granted, everyone we met was super nice and we got lucky with parking, but still… the 25 minutes of fireworks were not worth the traffic. We still had an awesome time, though… taking photos and walking around, gambling and eating! Hehe, we headed to The Falls Deli late after the fireworks because we were starving and it was convenient (it’s in the Casino).


It’s not a full-service resto, which is to be expected (it is a deli, after all), and their menu is pretty extensive. They serve sandwiches, pizza, fries, poutine, soups and salads as well as an assortment of desserts (cheesecakes and other pastries). Prices for the deli items start at $5.95 CDN (All-beef hotdog) and go up to $14.95 CDN (NY steak sandwich).

We were so hungry! In hindsight, we probably could have just shared one sandwich, seeing as this was at midnight or something, but our eyes were hungry, too.


I ordered the Beef Dip ($10.95 CDN), 6 oz. of shaved beef with horseradish mayo on a grilled french baguette and au jus. My mouth is watering as I type this… this sandwich was on point! The horseradish mayo wasn’t too overpowering and the meat was super juicy. I could have chugged a whole cup of that au jus… don’t judge me!


Kris got the Shaved Corned Beef ($9.95 CDN) and it was served on Marble Rye. It was pretty straight forward, nothing too special about this one. I had a bite and it tasted just like any other corned beef sandwich I had. It was Kris’ first time having one, though and I don’t think he liked it. He ended up eating like, half of my beef dip! :)

Though this was a convenient way to grab a bite to eat while you’re in Niagara, I would not say it’s a must-try. The prices are a bit high for just a sandwich (additional $3.50 if you want fries, soup or salad), but I do have to say that beef dip was amazing.

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