While doing some shopping in Niagara a few weeks back, The Bf and I decided to try out Mick & Angelo’s Eatery and Bar, about a block away from Lundy’s Lane.



It seemed like a nice place to have a quick meal (we were in a bit of a time crunch), so we headed inside, not realizing that this place was a pretty big deal! I think it may be the only Canadian restaurant featured on the Travel Channel’s Man v Food. Check out the Italian Challenge, I think they may have made a few changes since the episode aired:


Here’s the clip of Adam doing his thing:

As tempting as it was, we both opted not to do the challenge. But I would LOVE to come back and see one of my friends do it… any takers??


My entree came with an order of fresh garlic bread served with whipped butter (above). Interesting plating, don’t you think?

The bread was okay. It had a nice texture (crunchy outside, soft inside), but it could have been a bit warmer for me. The garlic was pretty subtle and the whipped butter was a nice touch. Good thing we didn’t get any appies, this was already pretty filling for us.


I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken (this was the lunch portion and the pic doesn’t do it justice. It was huge!). It is a grilled chicken breast topped with in-house-made pesto, feta cheese and roasted red peppers, served with sauteed vegetables (too buttery for me) and mashed potatoes. I’m not a mashed potato fan, but I thought I’d give it a try. It wasn’t too bad, but it was too creamy and buttery for me (no complaints from The Bf though, who loves mashed potatoes and ended up eating mine for me).


Kris ordered the Chicken & Rib combo, 1 lb of ribs and your choice of chicken breast or chicken wings, served with a plate of fries (below). He ordered the wings (breaded) with mild sauce and the ribs with BBQ. This boy was in heaven! I had a taste of the ribs and they were pretty amazing. Fall-off-the-bone and the flavour was perfect, not too savoury and they had that “just grilled” taste to them. The chicken wings were nothing special, but maybe that’s because I don’t like them breaded? The sauces (on both) were fantastic.


The fries were nothing special, just your regular fries (he didn’t even finish these, we got really full).

Overall, such a great meal! It wasn’t busy when we went and the service was great. Our server had some trouble with the menu, she mentioned they just got them in that week (their online menu is not even updated), so she wasn’t too familiar. It’s a very casual restaurant, big with families and pasta-lovers. We will definitely be back!

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