Minimus x20v3 – (corrected price of $119.95 CDN – I previously had them at$159 CDN)

Back in March, I received this pair New Balance cross-trainers as a gift from New Balance. No, this is not a paid review. I did not even have to do this review, but I thought I should because people always ask me about running or training shoes. But’s really hard to give you my opinion because I don’t own too many of them =/ I have my running shoes (Nike Lunarlites, which I also love) and my old Nike Free’s (that I didn’t really like, but I love the way they look). The Minimus are my first pair of New Balance, and I know they won’t be my last :)


First, let’s talk about the colour. The line comes in a bright colours (like mine, or a lime green/blue one), but if you like darker colours, they have some subtle ones like in black/pink.



What I really love about these shoes is that New Balance teamed up with Vibram to create them (you know, those 5-toe shoes that look weird, but you’ve always been curious to try them?) Well, now you can have the same benefits of a “barefoot” shoe without the ugly 5 toes (yup, I said it) and with a little bit more support on the arch of your foot. These shoes are incredibly comfortable (broke them in after only 2 wears and the only hard part was the back of it kept rubbing on my Achilles heel. You can probably avoid this if you wear longer socks, but I tend to wear ankle socks and so the shoes rubbed against my heel (you can even see it in the above photo lol).


The structure is hard to explain. The bottom of the shoe feels very stable and IT FEELS AMAZING TO DO SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS IN THEM! But the top is definitely more “airy” so my feet don’t ever feel like they’re being suffocated.


They are true to size and are my go-to pair for training. I would not recommend them for running (maybe a 3k or so) because they didn’t give me enough stability. They’re not a running shoe! They are made for training, so they’re perfect for when you’re at the gym or at home doing workouts. They also feel great for walking!


I found this video of  Trish Stratus (I loooove her!) – she’s an ambassador for New Balance – and it made my really happy that her and I both love this shoe for doing squats!

Overall, I am in love with these shoes! The best shoes I’ve ever worn training and I adore the bright colour. Highly recommended! I would suggest trying them on in store and walking around with them or do some squats. You’ll definitely feel the difference!

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  • Ooooh I want this! I’ve been wanting to get new trainers. My current one still works fine (I think I got it in 2008), but you know, if I wear these colourful ones I see other girls wear makes me want to work out more.

    • It’s so true – wearing nice shoes makes me so excited to workout! lol And I think you’re due for a new pair ;) They’re amazing to wear at the gym!

  • Ooh thanks for this review! The colours are so fun! And good to know that they’re better for training than running.. I may have to shop for some New Balance shoes soon!

    • Yes! I love bright shoes and I love these! Honestly, they’re soooo comfy I’m sure you’ll love ’em!

  • I’m always on the hunt for new runner. My all time fav pair was NB, so looks like i will be going to try these on soon.

    • Oooh nice! These were my first pair and now I totally get the NB hype!

  • I love new running shoes and these look FAB!

  • suzquiz

    The great colors would entice me to work out more

  • Arjun Rudra

    Have and love these shoes. They’re light and emulate the barefoot sensation really well. Solid all around.

  • i love the colours, i tried them on and they just didn’t feel right, too bad since i have heard great reviews.

  • favgreen

    Thanks for this review…I am considering getting a pair of New Balance shoes due to having a bad back and foot problems. They were recommended to me…
    (Rhonda W G.)