Last night, I got a chance to drop by the Nella Bella Fall/Winter 2013 expo and wowwwza! If you’re not familiar, Nella Bella is a Canadian hand bag brand – affordable, stylish, urban and vegan! What’s not to love?

I wasn’t there for too long, but I fell in love with some pieces right off the bat. I was also a useless blogger because my phone died, preventing me from joining the chorus of praise on both Twitter + Instagram about the new line (whomp whomp!) Check out the #NB2013 tag and you’ll see what I mean!

But being phone-less doesn’t mean I can’t take random mirror selfies.


Anyhooo, here are my faves from the preview:


Aren’t they so darn perfect?! Can’t decide which one I really love.. can you?!


They also now have knitwear! Here’s Val – the brains behind the event – modeling one of the pieces. (I totally jacked this from her Instagram.) Congratulations on a successful event, Charming Media + Nella Bella!


Also got to hang out with some of my fave blogger girls (and meet new ones!) Here’s Nicole, Anum & I.


And surprised to see both Sandy and Amira – these girls are adoooorable.

Overall a fun night! Wish I could have stayed longer and enjoyed the yummy-looking treats and drinks! But this girl’s super motivated and on a clean eating streak, so I’ll have to wait until next time :)

You can buy Nella Bella on their website + here’s a list of retailers.

What do you think of the new line? I love the London line – very practical and “leather-y”, which I kind o have a weakness for.

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  • Great post, and wow you got it up so fast! All the photos are lovely and it was so nice to see you outside our regular photoshoot days, haha, even though it was for a short period of time.

    We should hang out sometime!

    • We will once it gets warmer, I’m sure!
      And yeah I miraculously woke up at 5am Friday morning! lol

  • Emilia Turner

    It must have been so much fun, I hope they do one hear on the west coast

  • Cathy Canton

    Love the red one or orange Hard to tell the actually colour but I love the bag style!

    • It’s red! I liked it too, so casual. And I have a weakness for red purses!

      • Cathy Canton

        I love leather acessories Gloves, purses, boots The workmanship always draws me to it!

  • Holly

    I like them all, but really loving the red one!