I know what you’re thinking – finally! This lip colour has been a favourite since I got it around the Holidays. I wear it many times a week and receive so many inquiries, so I thought it’s only appropriate that I do my first “beauty review” on it.

Pssst… it’s also my “Current Obsession” on the sidebar there –>


It is an extremely dark lip colour – think really dark purple. If you’re looking for a subtle oxblood, this is not it. (Sorry about the smudging – I told you I used this a lot! Hehe)


Swatch on my hand. Because of the consistency of this product, I highly recommend you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before use. It tends to exaggerate dry lips!


Different lighting for reference. It doesn’t look too different, actually!


This is how I usually wear it. Do you like?

Hope this helps! I highly recommend this because the colour payoff is amazing – you do not even need to use that much. I like my lip colours intense (as opposed to a more natural/sheer lip) so this was perfect for me. And it photographs beautifully! But like I said, the one down side is that it exaggerates dry lips so make sure your lips are nice and soft.

B+AB Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: $30
Repurchase? Hell yes.
Where to buy? Sephora (where I got mine), NARS.com

Do you like this type of review? I’m thinking this will be the format for any make up products on B+AB. Let me know if you have suggestions or requests for other shots or products!

What’s your favourite new lip colour? Share yours!

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