This was my second time visiting Nader’s and I’ll be coming back for sure (but not for the Bakery – more on that later). I had dinner with my fiance a week ago – I even tweeted a pic of us before we started eating.


Turkish Pita – Feta Cheese (they offer a variety of toppings with the pitas and they are all $7.99!) This one was amazing! Perfectly cooked. It was a little salty (but expected because it’s feta). We didn’t finish it because we got really full. But, we did take it home and warmed it up in the oven. It was almost as good when it was fresh :)


Wazieri Kabab – 1 minced meat kabab & 1 skewer of grilled chicken kabab. The items come with 2 sides. We chose Afghan rice and steamed veggies. Do not order the veggies – they are just a typical order of previously-frozen veggies. However, the Afghan rice was fantastic and the kababs were to die for! So very, very good.


*NEW* Boneless Lamb Leg Kabab – also came with 2 sides. We chose the garlic potatoes and saffron rice. The rice was ok, nothing special. I would order the Afghan rice over tthe saffron. The potatoes, on the other hand, were orgasmic. I would have eaten a whole bowl of them.


Our meals! They gave us extra plates as most people tend to share the dishes.

Now, the Bakery – after our dinner, I went over to the Bakery side to order a few of the treats to go (we were visiting some friends afterwards) so I bought about $10 worth of treats which was about 15 pieces of the small cookies (they calculate by weight). Yes, it was quite pricey, but I thought it’d be worth it. It wasn’t. We started eating them when we got to our friends’ place and realized that most of them were stale and tasted really, really horrible. Oh well. I am taking it as a lesson learned. I think I’ll only visit for the hot food :)

Overall Impression:
Food: was great, but the items I ordered from the Bakery were stale.
Service: Service needs improvement for sure. Our server was a younger girl and regardless of how friendly we were, we got no traces of enthusiasm from her. She kept forgetting our utensils and water (and got our drink orders wrong, but didn’t bother complaining because we were so thirsty). She barely checked on us at all (which was not a bad thing once we started eating, because we didn’t want to get disturbed! Haha). The manager came around to check up on us, but it was obvious he only did it because there was nothing else to do (there was only 1 other table in the restaurant). He started walking away before I was even finished telling him how our meals were.
Recommend?: Yes, but think twice about ordering from the bakery side and don’t expect great service.

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  • The food here really is amazing, but you’re right, service is beyond awful! They never look happy. =/

    • Omg! So glad I’m not the only one that’s had this type of service from them before. I think it’s just the norm, unfortunately. They need to fix their service standards ASAP.

  • Mmm that looks really good… and really far away! Have you ever been to Vancouver? I saw the tweet of you and your fiance. Super cute. Congrats on your engagement! xo

    • No, I haven’t! But I really want to go! I always plan on it, but they always fall through (plane tix from YYZ are $$!! lol). Have you ever been to Toronto? Thanks love!