Like most people, I run with music. Loud music. Really loud, deafening music.

Here’s a list of my (current) Top 10 Favourite Running Tracks. I hope they provide you with motivation, too! It was really difficult selecting 10, because my Running playlist on my iPod consists of 295 songs at the moment. (Maybe I will do a part 2? Haha.) Don’t be shy to comment and let me know if we have any similar songs in common, or recommend some of your own! I love running to other people’s running playlists – it makes me feel closer to them; connected, somehow. (Damn, that came out a lot more dramatic than I intended). Anyway, I have a seperate playlist for when I strength train, so maybe I will post my favourites from there one day? Not too sure if anyone would be interested in that, though… I guess it will depend on the feedback I get with this one!

FYI: My Powersong on my Nike+ is Nelly’s Heart of a Champion (4th video) and always has been.

Note: Love Between The Sheets is actually by Cuban Cigar Crisis, not MGMT (the uploader of the video made a mistake).


Bonus! Check this amazing video from the Nike Youtube account. Flawless, Inspiring, Boner-Inducing, etc etc. (Ok, but in all seriousness, this is amazing.)

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  • Siobhan

    I love reading your playlists! I’m always looking for great songs to add to my running playlist collection!

    • Thanks for commenting, Sio!! Yes, I love hearing other people’s songs on their lists! So interesting to see how different out minds our when we run.