This is my first post with this style (this is more frequent in beauty or fashion blogs), but you know I’m pretty random and this blog is a reflection of my personality, so I figured… why the hell not. Sorry boy-readers, this is a super girly post! What do you think? Should I do more of these? (I did enjoy putting this graphic together, it’s so girly & pretty!) Anything in your summer faves list that I need to try? Let me know by commenting or tweeting me! Or if you have a similar list on your blog, post the link below, I’d love to check ’em out! Hope you likey! Don’t forget to “tweet & like” if you enjoyed this! :)


  1. Tarte’s Cheek Stain ($30) – LOVE this so much! Because I have super oily skin and I spend alot of time outdoors during the summer, powder blushes are not my friend! I usually just apply it with my fingers by blending . It gives you a glow, so if you like looking more matte  in the summer, it may not be for you. But it is my absolute favourite go-to cosmetic for the summertime! So many great shades, but my favourites are: Tipsy & Eco-Cheek (pictured), unfortunately I think this was a limited edition & I don’t think it’s in stores anymore. But, try ’em out at your Sephora & I’m sure you’ll fall in love, too! :) (TIP: lightly brush a your favourite blush to maximize its staying power).
  2. Sperry Boat Shoes ($55-$100) – I hate, hate, hate ballet flats. I find them quite unflattering and uncomfortable. I needed a relatively flat shoe for the summer and I was on a hunt! The oh-so-popular Toms were not a hit with me (I just didn’t dig ’em, but they seem to look great on everyone else lol), but I fell in love when I found these. I just bought the baby pink ones (pictured), but they have such great patterns and colours that I might grab a few other pairs.
  3. Joico K-PAK Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk ($15-10) – My hair gets super dry in the summer, especially because I grow it out. I usually just spray this on my hair while I’m on my way out for protection & voila! Beach chic & protected from the heat!  
  4. Tarte Resurgance Natural Lip Tint ($24-$30)- Another amazing product from Tarte! Like the cheek stain, these lip stains are very pigmented & stay on for a really long time. They don’t feel sticky at all and they can definitely survive a meal on your lips. I like the ones that have a shine, but they also came out with a matte line recently. Definite all-time favourite!
  5. Clean & Clear Oil Absoring Sheets ($5-$10) – An oily girl’s best friend :) They pick up excess oil on your face without disturbing your make-up & they’re not pricey, so you can keep your face shine-free without spending too much $$. I’ve tried so many different oil-blotting sheets and I keep coming back to these!
  6. MAC’s Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy ($20-$25) – One of my favourite summer blushes. I know it looks super dark and scary in the pan, but once you have it on your face, it’s amazing. It’s a rose/brown colour with gold flecks in it. It is really pigmented so just make sure you use a light hand to apply and just layer for more intensity.
  7. Kor Water Bottle ($25-$30) – I drink lots of water and this bottle is always with me. I love the design, keeps water tasting fresh & you can plop ice cubes in it (big spout)! You can read a more detailed review I wrote about it here!
  8. Straw Fedora ($10-$50) – I know, these are everywhere! As much as I’m not a “trendsetter”, I can’t help but love this! The one I got last year got wet and lost its shape, so I went on a hunt to find the perfect one. 3 Malls and a whole week later, I ended up buying the Talula brand at Artizia (I try & resist going into Artizia these days…). Anyway, I’ve seen them everywhere and if, unlike me, you have a normal-sized head, you shouldn’t have a problem buying one for less than $10.
  9. Essie Brazilliant or any bright orange shade ($8-$10) – I looove bright-coloured nails. Though lately, I’ve been really into mutes & pastels, I will always a soft spot for super bright colours (especially during the summer).
  10. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Body Sprays ($10-$12) – I don’t like using perfumes during the summer because it makes me feel a bit stuffy, so these body sprays are perfect! It’s a mix of oils & fragrance, so it lasts a bit longer than just regular body sprays. The scents are so delicious (omg) that I find myself constantly smelling my clothes because of it! It doesn’t stain and it’s quite light, so I spray it on my clothes, car, bed… just so everything smells yummy. My faves are Cupquake & Candy Baby.
  11. Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer ($42) – Foundation is too much for the summer & I find that powders make me feel cakey, so tinted moisturizers are the perfect solution. It provides a light coverage and is oil-free so you know it already earned some points with me. The regular version is not oil-free & I’ve heard it’s great for people with normal or dry skin. It also has an SPF of 20!
  12. Bare Minerals Bronzer in Warmth ($18) – One of my favourite bronzers (another one I love is Nars’ Laguna). It’s natural & very easy to put on. It runs quite dark, so make sure you use a light hand when you’re applying it. But, I also love that when I get darker towards the end of the summer, I can just layer more on and it looks just as great. This bronzer is also amazing for contouring.
  13. MAC Blot Powder ($23-$28) – Remember how I said I had oily skin? Yup, another one that’s amazing for gals like me. It doesn’t add colour to your face, it just takes away the shine and oil. This is perfect for when I go out at night and I want to look a bit more matte (especially in pictures). One of my all-time favourites.
  14. Macadamia Oil Nourishing Leave-in Cream ($25-$30) – Because I’ve been growing my hair, the ends are really, really dry (especially in the summer). I usually just put this at the ends of my hair after showering and you just leave it on. It will keep your ends hydrated and it smells AMAZING.
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