One of my favourite websites is a site called PostSecret. Many of you, in fact, millions, are familiar with this site. Frank Warren started a project in 2005 in which people from all over the world mail in post cards (mostly anonymously) with their secret(s) on it. He then chooses 20 of these and posts them on his site every Sunday. (The PostSecret site might actually be the largest site out there without any outside advertising.) I’ve been a huge fan of this project and website for years. Before this blog entry, I’ve never really told anyone that, nor do I link people to the website. I guess it was because I’ve always felt it was such a personal thing… I have to admit, I’ve spent countless days and nights crying and laughing at secrets on this site. Anyway, let me cut to the chase here. I have a few of the PostSecret books, and last night I bought PostSecret: Confessions on life, death and God. I didn’t get a chance to open it up until I woke up this morning and what I read changed my life.

Sandwiched in between page 122 and 123 was a piece of paper (half of a debit reciept). And on the back of this was a secret.

I never, ever in a million years ever thought I would be so lucky to find someone else’s secret. Found Secrets is quite common, or so I’ve read in the PostSecret Community. I’ve always read about people leaving their secrets in books, and ofcourse about the people finding them. I must stress… I never, ever thought I would be so lucky.

My heart stopped; I could feel the hot tears waiting to roll down my cheeks. I held my breath. I turned the piece of paper over and read the secret.


I bought my copy at the Chapters across from the Square One shopping mall in Mississauga, Ontario. I hope I can somehow reach out to this person… If you are reading this, know that your secret has changed my life. I hope your appointment went well and you are on your way to happiness.

The following is from PostSecret: Confessions on life, death, and God.:

In closing I’d like to reference one of my favorite secrets.  It depicts a pregnant woman, with a painting of the Earth on her belly.  The text on the card read, “We’re all so connected, I desperately wish we knew it.”

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  • Pip444

    I’ve never heard of the PostSecret; I like it’s an awesome idea. I’ll have to check out some of the secrets posted or send in my own. Thx