It’s finally starting to feel like spring Toronto! I tend to go for pinks on my lips when the weather is warmer (and corals, too) so I thought I would share my favourites! These are literally my go-to pink lipsticks and I’ve gotten a few friends hooked on them =P The Rouge Dior is the newest addition to my top 5 (only added it last summer), but the other 4 have been my faves for a long time. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve definitely seen me wear these.


We’ll go from the most subtle to the brightest. I should warn you, there are a ton of pictures of me in this post. I took them all the same day and in front of sunlight. I didn’t do the usual sunlight/lightbulb/flash because I thought it would be too much! But feel free to ask me any Q’s in the comments! I’d be glad to answer them :)

First up is Revlon, Pink in the Afternoon (Under $10)


I own a total of 3 drugstore lipsticks and this is one of them! Pink in the Afternoon is my most-used lipstick (probably because it’s so cheap), but also because the colour payoff is amazing, it has a creamy consistency, glossy finish and it mixes very well with other lip products. Yup, this is my everyday lipstick, the one I reach for when I don’t have time to figure out which lipstick I should wear. It’s a perfect pink/nude for my skin tone! For evenings when I’m sporting a smokey eye, I just add a nude gloss and I’m good to go. (It’s also what I’m wearing HERE.)

What I love about it: Creamy consistency, perfect nude/pink, mixes very well with other products!

 NARS Niagara ($30 CDN)


One of my favourite pink/corals! It looks great with dark hair (like what I have now), but it also looked great when I had lighter locks. I would say this is a great transition lipstick for those who aren’t so gung-ho about wearing bright colours yet. It’s also great for work because the colour isn’t too bright, but it definitely has character. And it goes with everything!

What I love about it: Creamy subtle coral – goes with everything, great for work!

Rouge Dior 475 ($36 CDN)


Pictures don’t do this lipstick justice! It’s one of the only lipsticks I own that doesn’t translate very well to photographs, but it looks amazing in person. (I’ve had people stop me on the street and ask me for the shade.) It’s a fun, “Barbie”-like colour, but it is quite sheer. I don’t normally like sheer lipsticks, but the colour on this was too good. It is also quite sparkly. The only downside is that I’m not a fan of the way the Rouge Dior lipsticks smell – it’s not a bad smell. I think it’s supposed to be a rose, like the ol’ days! lol But I just don’t like it. I know some people who love the smell, though so see for yourself!

What I love about it: Very buildable – can be worn sheer or layered on for more intensity. Fun colour!

NARS Schiap ($30 CDN) pink-04

I know these are “My Favourite Pink Lipsticks” – but out of my favourites, THIS ONE is my favourite for the shade of pink alone. It is very intense and matte! Definitely a statement lipstick (think of it as RubyWoo’s pink cousin). One layer is enough. I don’t have to say much – you can see how it just brightens up the face. I like to wear this with an intense cat eye  avec lashes and a subtle blush.

What I love about it: The shade of pink and the intensity of the colour!

NARS Funny Face ($30 CDN) pink-5

I know it looks more red in the photos, but that is exactly why I love this shade. It is semi-matte and stays on your lips. I haven’t seen anything like it – it’s a very intense fuschia with little blue flecks in it that give that shine. It would work well with every skin tone, too. It’s what I reach for when I feel like going for a red, but then I decide last-minute that the red is too much lol. Try it if you’re a fan of pinks, but afraid of the reds. It looks mesmerizing in person!

What I love about it: Very unique shade!

And here they are, so you can see them side by side.


Putting this together was actually so useful for me – I feel like I need my own directory of lipsticks, so that I know exactly how every single lipstick I own looks on me! It would make for easier choice when I’m trying to figure out what colour to wear! (This sounds so riduclous and I think it would only make sense to the beauty-obsessed lol)

Which one are you most likely to rock?

And if you enjoyed this, please comment below and let me know! My plan is to give you “My Favourites” of pretty much everything since this blog started as a clean slate. But, it took much longer to put this together, so if I know you like it, then I will put some time in the other installments! And don’t be shy to ask me Q’s or request – makes it easier for me to plan my content if I know you guys want it. Thanks!

Disclosure: All bought with my own cash moneys. But even if I didn’t, I always give my honest opinion. Just like in real life, there really is no point in lying lol

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  • Niagara is one of my all-time faves. Actually, 95% of my favourite lipsticks are NARS also. Can’t beat the awesome shades + formula :)

    • Between the 2 of us, I’m pretty sure we have the whole NARS lipstick collection! And yes, Niagara is too perfect.

  • I NEED that Funny Face. Looks incredible on you. All of them do!

    • Thanks Arianne! I think it would look great on you!

  • I love this post! NARS Niagara and Schiap are my favorites!!! Gorgeous colours. :)

    • Thanks Sandy! I’m a big fan of bright colours, too! Now we have to rock pink lipstick next time we see each other :)

  • That coral looks pretty on you!! I don’t know why I haven’t gone out and purchased myself some Nars lipsticks, the colors are right up alley. Seriously considering on purchasing Niagara.

    • Thanks, Char! You NEED to try Nars lipsticks. The colours are always amazing! Niagara is a great start :)

  • Thanks Alexis! It’s hard not to love Funny Face!

  • TW

    I love pink in the afternoon. So natural! And what a great price too!

    • Right? That whole line of Revlon lipsticks is really great. Highly recommended!

  • I like the rouge dior shade!

    • It’s a really fun shade! And pretty sheer coverage, too! I just tend to pack it on for a more dramatic look :)

  • Lesley

    Oh man do I love the Dior!

    • It’s a really fun shade! So good for the summer :)

  • Tooth Fairy

    Thanks for showing the sweet lipstick shades contrasted on skin! That really makes such a difference to see! Those spring colors look fantastic. I love to dress pretty in pink!!!

    • Thank you! That was definitely what I was aiming for – I’m so glad you found it useful!

      I’m a big fan of pink, too! :)